Baby, it is cold outside!!!

Twenty-six years ago, I traveled to Sanford to visit my soon-to-be in laws over the Christmas holiday.  It was fun going back to snowy Albion to tell everyone that I ran around on Christmas day in short sleeves and no coat!  The weather was amazing!  We moved here the following June and I took great pleasure in writing letters and calling my family and friends throughout the winters that I was experiencing warm, sunny days while they were being bombarded with snow!  Yeah, we had a few pretty cold days and maybe a couple of flurries and the occasional ice storm, but, for the most part, the winters here were pretty incredible!

What happened?  The last few winters have been brutal – albeit only for a couple of months (except this past winter when we had a major snow event three months in a row).  I woke up this morning to let the girls out and it was 10 degrees – TEN DEGREES!  And they are predicting snow tomorrow – in December!  We usually don’t see any snow here until January!

Yeah, I know – I’m whining about some cold weather that probably won’t last terribly long and I was begging for it to cool down when it was so incredibly hot this summer!  And after all, I grew up in the Buffalo snow belt – I know cold and I know snow and this really does fail in comparison!  But – IT IS COLD!!!!  Maybe my northern blood is finally thinning out to where I can’t take the cold anymore!  Maybe I feel cheated because I got so used to the mild winters that the last few (and, so far, this one) are letting me down!  Whatever the reason, I can’t help but scream out — IT IS COLD!!!! 

Stay warm, my friends……and for those of you in good old Albion, where the temps are in the single digits and you’re buried in record snow falls, all I can say is:  Hey, it is still warmer here than it is there!!! 

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