One of the Christmas gifts I received from Ronald and Lisa was a book on interpreting dreams.  I was very excited to see it…..I have some strange dreams and often wonder what the hidden meanings are behind them.  It is a THICK book – a “dictionary” of sorts – all categorized by key words in alphabetical order.  I haven’t gotten into it much, yet, but I am sure I’ll enjoy it!  The only thing that bothers me about it is that any I have looked up, so far, have a very negative connotation!  Can all dreams stem from or be predictive of something bad that has or will happen?  I’ll be digging deeper to prove that wrong, for sure!

One recurring theme that shows up in most of my bazaar dreams in some way or another is particularly disturbing to me – no matter what else is going on, this will most likely end up as a big part of the dream:

  • I can’t seem to walk in dreams — whether I’m trying to walk or run — whether it is from or to something good or bad!  My legs feel like huge, unliftable weights that cause me to not be able to move my feet more than a very small, painful step at a time.  So, when I have to get somewhere in my dreams, I either crawl, inch along on my belly, or walk on my knees.  OR – the more bazaar method of travel for me is to “swim” through the air.  Yep, if I need to get somewhere fast, I push off and do the breast stroke through the air – so long as my arms keep pulling me through the air, like they would if I were swimming, I can continue to make progress – when I stop, I stand back up and am stationary!

The keys words associated with these all allude to bad things to come.  Since they tend to occur quite often in my dreams – both good, bad, and bazaar dreams – I will take it all with a grain of salt.  Afterall – if I had as much misfortune as it seems these dreams predict, I would be in pretty bad shape!  And life is good……so……I’ll continue to have fun trying to analyze my dreams purely for the entertainment value.  Unless, of course, if I start to find lots of good stuff in that book – then, I’m sure I’ll consider it “gospel”!

Sweet dreams!

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