So much better than snow…

I had a white Christmas, but not here in Sanford and not as plentiful as it was here in Sanford!  I went home for the holiday break and totally missed the record-breaking snow that blanketed the southeast.  Oh, I saw it – through the many photos posted by friends on Facebook – but, missed physically experiencing it!  There was quite a bit of snow on the ground in Albion and we had a brief dusting on Christmas day, so I did get to see snow on Christmas.  But, the irony of it was that I went to Western NY – the Buffalo snow belt – the frigid north and saw much LESS snow than Sanford, NC had over Christmas!  I was all worried about what I would encounter on my holiday trip and all the while, it was here that got blasted!  Funny!

A small part of me – very small – is kinda sad that I missed something so historical (NC never gets any significant snow fall this early), just because it was unusual to get so much on Christmas and something I may never see again.  But, I’m not a fan of snow – I grew up in it and saw more snow in my lifetime than I feel anyone should have to see…..or more to the point…..more than anyone should have to shovel, drive in, struggle through, etc.!!!  So, I am not all THAT disappointed that I missed it.

After all, my holiday trip had something much better – something Sanford doesn’t have to offer me – FAMILY! 

I had several Christmas celebrations and even my fair share of snow.  The Weds evening before I flew north, Ronald, Lisa, and I had dinner and celebrated our Christmas together. 

Then, I arrived at Mom’s the night before Christmas Eve and stayed until the morning of New Year’s Eve.  There was only a few inches of snow on the ground – enough to cover everything good, but not be swept up into big drifts – but, Mom’s car hadn’t been cleaned off in quite some time, so it had a good 6+ inches of hard packed, crusty snow all over it!  When I went out to go to the store to shop for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, I had to clean it off, first.  It took quite a while to chisel the snow off the car – snow filled both my shoes (with no socks on), the knit gloves I took with me got soaked, I broke a fingernail, and I bruised my arm on the trunk when I slipped on the slippery driveway behind the car – but, I got it cleaned off so that I could go to town.  Thank goodness there was no more accumulation while I was there and that was the only time I had to clean it off!

My brother and his family came over on Christmas Eve to have our Christmas.  It was very nice – we had munchies and opened gifts and enjoyed the company.  Christmas Day was just Mom and me – a quiet, relaxing day spent talking and watching movies together.  I fixed a ham with a bunch of sides – nothing special, but very good.  Then, on Sunday, my nephew, his wife and son, and my brother and his family came out and we had another Christmas celebration.  This one was with the newest member of our family – my great-nephew, who will be one year old later this month.  It was a joy watching Nolen get excited about all the new toys he got to open!  But, the best toy of the day was actually a small egg beater (wire whisk) with a cute egg for a handle that was actually a gift for his Mom – he latched onto that and they couldn’t pry it from his hands! 

Another highlight of the week was dinner with some of my high school friends.  I so enjoy being able to spend time with them.  It was a lovely evening and I look forward to the next time we can get together.

The rest of the week was spent just visiting with Mom – something I treasure and enjoy more than anything.  She has had a tough year that ended with her second total hip replacement on November 1st.  She isn’t fully recovered, yet, but is starting to turn the corner and doing quite well.  I saw a huge improvement in her since I was there over Thanksgiving!

So, yeah – I missed the historic snow fall in Sanford, NC!  But, it would have been far more tragic if I had missed spending Christmas with my family, seeing Nolen rip open gift after gift that revealed yet another new toy to excite him, discovering first hand that Mom is starting to show marked improvement after her surgery, enjoying an evening reminiscing with old friends, and savoring the peace that comes with being home for the holidays!

It is a new year, now – one that I hope will be much better than the last one for all who struggled through it.  I wish everyone peace, love, good health, and happiness in 2011!  I pray the economy is really on the upswing that analysts are predicting – the first stock day seemed to show some promise!  And I hope the Farmer’s Almanac is incorrect in their prediction of a long, bad winter season!

Happy New Year!

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