Fun Songs

A song came on the radio on my way to the grocery store and, like so many old songs, it brought a flood of memories.  The song?  “King of the Road”, by Roger Miller.  My Mom had a couple of albums by Roger Miller and my brother and I would play them and have a ton of fun with them.  You see, although Roger Miller was a singer/song writer with some serious county music songs to his credit, he was best known for his novelty songs – and boy, were they fun for a couple of kids on an otherwise boring afternoon.

Kevin and I would act them out as we sang to them to create little mini play productions.  We’d laugh and laugh over trying (and usually failing) to mimic the funny sounds he’d make in his songs.  It had to have been a riot to watch us!

An example of one we fumbled over the be-bop sounds:

An example of one we loved to act out — we’d pretend to do all the things that he said you “can’t” do and then just do a jig-like dance during the chorus (sorry – this won’t come up in the post, but click on the “watch on youtube” and it’ll come up in a new tab):

The one I heard on the radio today was one we just loved to sing — we’d pretend we were on a stage and singing just as “cool” as Roger sang it:

These are, by far, not the only ones we loved — just what I think Kevin would agree were our favorites!  But, there was also “Dang Me”, “Chug-a-lug”, and many more!

While thinking of those fun songs, some that weren’t from Roger Miller came to mind — we loved this one, too (give it a minute – it does get to the song):

Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs gave us lots to have fun with, too.  A bunch would gather in our cousin, Gary’s garage and we’d have a pretend band.  This one was one of our top numbers to do:

And, I can’t forget “Wooly Bully”!!!

OK – enough fun for now……

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