New is Cool….

It always feels good to have “new” stuff, situations, experiences, etc.  New is good, exciting, energizing, and….well….New!  The last few weeks have brought an abundance of new to my life.  Not all are things and not all are major stuff, but new, just the same!  New usually means change and change is good – it snaps you out of a rut, gives you new stimulation, or just provides something new to think about.

The first new, of course, is a new year!  2011 — the start of a new year, new opportunities, new challenges.  I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I usually do and, like most people, I break them before January ends.  So, instead of resolving to not do something or do something, I decided to look for opportunities as they come and handle them as appropriate at the time. 

This weekend, I got a hair cut and took care of my roots.  So, I’ll have new hair for a few weeks – until the roots start to grow out and my bangs get shaggy and I need another trip to Marcello’s to renew my hair, again.  I also got a few new tops at Burke’s Outlet this weekend, too.  Burke’s Outlet is fairly new to Sanford and new to me, since I just started checking it out a little before the holidays. 

My work life is full of new, too – lots going on!

I have watched some new shows on TV in the last week or so, too.  Tonight, I saw the pilot for Kathy Bate’s new show Harry’s Law – looks like a winner!  I also caught The Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network for the first time (not a new show, but new to me) this weekend – I know there are people out there who claim they can’t boil water, but there is this one lady in the competition who actually admitted she didn’t know the difference between a scallion and a scallop and, in fact, didn’t even know what a scallop is!  Hhhmmm…..I’m thinking this might be interesting!

I’m trying Weight Watchers to see if it can make a difference in my health and WW has a new program – Weight Watchers Points Plus.  It has done wonders for Jennifer Hudson – maybe I can get my mind in the right place to let it do wonders for me, too.  Time will tell if this results in a new me!

The newest of the new goes along with the last paragraph….sort of.  I finally gave in and got on the Wii bandwagon.  I thought it might be a good way to burn some calories and have some fun and just plain do something new!  I got the console today, set it up, and tried some of the sports games – I really did good at bowling right from the get-go, but tennis is going to take some figuring out!  I am also planning to get Wii Fit, some dance games, and a karaoke game.  I figure this will give me a new way to dance and sing around the house!

So, let the new keep coming – shake things up – new is cool!

3 Comments on “New is Cool….

  1. So far, I’m hooked!!! I even got what I assume is good news when setting up the Wii Fit — my Wii age is two years younger than my real age!!! That’s gotta be good, right? hahaha

  2. Hi Kim:

    Miss catching up with you on FB. I am back up on an older site again and enjoying being with people I love.. things will eventually work themselves out there.

    Nice to hear about the “New” in life… new keeps us moving forwards, learning, laughing, and loving. How do you like the Wii?

    Please keep in touch and if you can come to visit (for a longer time and without a party going one) I would just like to spend time with you and show you a little of my desert now..


    The books is published and available on Amazon now… glad that a poem written just for you lies within.. You have been a blessing in my life.

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