Just a quick thought

I notice that I haven’t posted anything on this poor neglected blog since my “New is Cool” post on January 18th.  But, yet, I am getting a lot of visitors looking for my thoughts or finding me through searches for something other than my thoughts.  So, to keep this somewhat current, here are a few quick thoughts for the day:

  • So glad the Groundhog didn’t see any shadows yesterday…….anxiously awaiting spring!
  • Got a teaser taste of spring, yesterday — high over 70 degrees!!!  But, I was inside at work all day and couldn’t enjoy it!  There is a sick injustice in that, for sure!
  • Loving my new Wii…..but, need to get into a routine with it, if I am successful in using it for what I intended when I bought it – a way to increase my workout activity!
  • Looking forward to doing something really cool sometime in February — will post the details after it happens!!!
  • Gonna be a busy month!  There are a couple of events I’d really like to participate in – the Annual CARA Dinner at The Steele Pig and the Temple Theater Valentine’s Event, but have so much other stuff going on, I’m going to have to pass on both……

So — there it is…..just a few quick thoughts unloaded!

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