Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago, today, I hopped in a crammed full rented minivan with my three dogs and headed out following a UHaul truck full of all my possessions with my Mustang in tow. Just three short days before was my last day at my job – in fact, in the workforce as a whole! I retired, left my home in Sanford, NC, and moved to my new home in my old home town of Albion, NY! It was scary to pack up and move like that – after all, I was a lot older and not as brave as I was twenty-six years prior when I did the same thing in the opposite direction – but it was the best decision I think I’ve ever made for myself! I settled right in and feel like the twenty-six years I lived in NC are a distant memory and that I never left good ole Albion. At times I think this day three years ago just happened a blink of an eye ago……and other times I think it was a lifetime ago!

Either way…..I’m here……I’m staying put……and I love it!!! It is such a wonderful gift to be able to spend time with Mom every day, if I want to…..and I usually do!!!

So, here are photos from this day in history…….November 7, 2011:


The day before……everything loaded on the truck!


The night before – the girls hogging our bed – the mattress on the living room floor!


Last photo of my Sanford house!


The minivan is loaded!


Precious cargo – Megan and Amy – all secured and comfy for the long ride!


Co-Pilot, Katie takes her place of honor!


First rest stop — Mustang in tow!


The next morning – Megan checking out her new neighborhood


“Hey, Mom, what’s in here – if you open these doors, I can check it out for you!”


Amy checking out her new digs!


Katie and Amy putting their stamp of approval on the patio and back yard!

The girls_Albion patio

Just a few days later – the girls watching their first snow flakes falling at their new home!

2 Comments on “Three Years Ago Today

    • Thanks – I loved that Mustang!!! Actually, I traded the Equinox in September for a Buick Verano…..not a Mustang, but more my style than the Equinox was! hehehe

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