Updates, random thoughts, and general FYIs……

It has been a while since I did a general hump day brain dump……I feel compelled to rectify that tonight!
  • The girls have really loved the beautiful mornings – warm enough to be pleasant, but not hot, sunny, breezy, just nice!!! But, as the day progresses and it gets hot, they don’t want to be outside for very long!!! If they DO decide to stay out for a little bit, they come in and go right to one of the registers and lay on it to get cooled down fast!!! What a smart idea!!! ha-ha
  • I am watching the first episode of the new season of “Shear Genius” on Bravo – a reality show that has hair stylists competing to be a “cut above the rest”……anyway, the first challenge is to cut their model’s hair while BLIND FOLDED!!!! Are those models NUTS???? Who in their right mind allows someone with sharp pointed shears (and some with razors) to come at them to cut their hair BLIND????? Surprisingly, most came out not too bad — but, some were pretty much a mess!!! Luckily, none of the models were injured and only one stylist cut their finger!!! (By the way — Jaclyn Smith is the host of this show — her face is pretty tight – too tight — I’m thinking she’s had some work done or maybe some botox — it looks like it hurts her to smile!!!)
  • I had dinner at Myra’s tonight and were they PACKED!!! I had the meatloaf and it was delicious! As I sat there listening to some of the conversations the waitresses were having with the customers, it sounded like most of them were first timers! I’m so happy to see the word get out about this lovely country restaurant!!! I made a wise crack to Buddy on my way out saying “doesn’t look like that article in the Herald did any good at all…” – he just laughed and said that it has been “unreal”!!!!
  • Today’s “Hidden Gems” focus in the Herald was on Bud’s BBQ. I am ashamed to admit that I have never made the trip out to Bud’s, but I have heard a lot about it and know several people who swear it is the best BBQ around!!! Last week, we had some visitors at work from a couple of our sister sites for training – some from Canada and some from Massachusetts. One of our co-workers took them all to Bud’s for lunch on their last day here to show them some true local flair! They LOVED it!!!
  • A couple of the visitors (the ones from Canada) stayed an extra day to meet with me and some others. I took them to Cafe 121 for lunch! They really enjoyed their meal and one of them had their very first glass of southern sweet tea – they are hooked!!!
  • I used to watch “Jeopardy”, but haven’t paid much attention to it in years — well, I was flipping around the other night and stopped on it and think I may have renewed my interest!
  • I have been really enjoying the second season of “Army Wives” (Sunday’s at 10:00 pm on Lifetime)!!! That is the best show I’ve seen on TV in a VERY long time!!! It is fast moving, full of complex characters with interesting story lines, and it really grabs at the emotions!!! The minute it ends, I am already looking forward to the next episode!!! I wish it was a daily show so that I wouldn’t have to wait a whole week between episodes!!!
  • This bullet is for Jay……….he’ll know why! he-he-he-he I am in the process of changing doctors (before I go on, I want to say that this has absolutely nothing to do with my previous doctor – I adore him and his practice – he’s been great to me! It was a difficult decision that I gave a TON of thought to, but there were some personal convenience and specialty things that swayed me). Anyway – I am now going to the Family Doc! So far, so good……..in fact, my first visit was like a reunion of sorts – of course, I saw Jay there and I also saw an old friend that I haven’t seen in YEARS – she also works there and it was great to see her again and see photos of her grown daughters that were just little girls the last time I saw them!!!! Basically, I was VERY impressed by the nurse practitioner that I saw and the girl who drew blood from me twice already is an ANGEL!!! I have very deep, weak veins that are hard to find and once you do find them, they roll or collapse! I’ve had some that are really good at drawing blood and have been successful with mine, but most of the time, it takes multiple attempts and I leave looking like someone mutilated my arm with a sledge hammer!!! This girl got it on the first try with no pain and no “fishing around” and very little bruising (I bruise easily – no matter how good they are, they won’t get away without bruising me – not her fault) — and she did it TWICE in one week!!!! I told her that I’m putting her in my will……..

I think that’s enough for now…….

3 Comments on “Updates, random thoughts, and general FYIs……

  1. I’m so excited that Myra’s was still busy!! They are such nice people!

    Don’t feel bad about not getting out to Bud’s. Before Jonathan and I met, I had never been there! And I went to church not even a mile down the road!

    I’m so excited that you have switched to The Family Doc! You will love it. The “preventative” approach to medicine is refreshing. I too have horrible veins and all the ladies there have no troubles getting my blood. In the past, I have had lots of problems and even had it taken from my feet a couple of times!

  2. I am loving Army Wives too! I’m so thankful to have such a good show to watch during the summer.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Holly may be out of a job as marketing director if this “word-of-mouth” thing keeps gaining ground. And as for the blood draws, we do brag about the fact that we have the best “vampires” in Sanford. Thanks for joining Cooper & I for dinner tonight. We had a blast!

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