NO – It can’t rain tonight or tomorrow!!!!!

On Tuesday, I had Top Notch come and pressure wash my house and strip/prep my deck to be stained (great job, by the way — everything looks so nice). They have to wait for 3 consecutive days without rain to ensure the deck is dry enough to apply the new stain and sealer!!! That means, if it doesn’t rain tonight, they can come and finish the job tomorrow — if it does rain, it will have to wait another 3 days with no rain before they can come back!!!!

It has been hot and dry all week long — now, I’m looking out the window beside my desk and the wind is picking up and it looks an awful lot like it is getting ready to rain any minute!!!! NO!!!!!

I’ve been watching the weather and thought I was home free — in fact, when the alarm went off this morning, the first words I consciously heard was “hot and humid” — it went off in the middle of the weather report for the day!!!

Please, please, please let the rain hold off another day or two………I want to put my deck and patio furniture back where it belongs and have a nice new looking deck!!!! And, I don’t wanna wait another 3 (or more) days to get it!!!!

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