George Carlin

Likely the most brilliant comedian the world will ever know passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. George Carlin was a comedic genius!!! The way his mind worked and the way he reasoned through things was simply amazing! He made us laugh at the world and ourselves for 5 decades and gave us a lot to consider……

Where would we be today if he had not identified and defined the seven words you can never say on TV???? I especially enjoy listening to his comparison of Baseball and Football – it never gets old for me!!!

He was truly unique – he got his start in the 60s, but became an icon of the 70s and his incredible sense of humor is still appreciated to this day!

Rest in peace, dear George – and, by the way, I would venture to guess that those seven words probably shouldn’t be used where you’re going…….

One Comment on “George Carlin

  1. I love George Carlin! I was so sad this morning when I read that. Found a great clip on E!Online of the “7 words” bit and just enjoyed a 10 minute clip of it. I was laughing out loud with tears running down my face at some of it. Funny, funny stuff. Comedic genius, for sure.

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