Weekend Adventure – The Rest of the Story

So — it wasn’t all that bad — after I settled in from Day One and had a good night’s sleep, the weekend turned out really great!!!

Friday —

  • On Friday, Mom and I spent the day talking and enjoying each other’s company. We went to a local greenhouse and Mom got a bunch of plants for the planters on her patio and to take out to the cemetery for our family graves.
  • We went out to the cemetery and put flowers on my Great Grandmother Freeman’s grave (my Grandfather’s mother), my Grandparent’s graves, and my Poppie’s grave.
  • Then we met my brother and sister-in-law at a favorite restaurant in town for dinner.
  • Friday was a full day — Mom and I were really wore out!

Saturday —

  • Mom planted the flowers in her planters on the patio – I watched – Mom has the green thumb – I am a notorious plant murderer!
  • We spent the bulk of the rest of the day downloading music onto Mom’s new MP3 player!
  • We had a lot of fun thinking of songs and artists from our youth and listening to clips and talking about the memories they congered up!!! I loved it — I hope she did!!!
  • For dinner, we went to Point Breeze – a marina area located on the river right where it joins Lake Ontario – I love spending time at the Point! There is a really good restaurant there called the Black North Inn – it used to be a dumpy bar/restaurant that was a popular hang out with great food and great times! It has been completely remodeled and is now still pretty shabby looking from the outside and the bar hasn’t changed, but the dining room is beautiful!!!! We had a really good dinner!!!
  • Another full day that wore us both out!!!

Sunday —

  • We tried to just relax on Sunday!
  • The day we went for flowers, we didn’t have room for the hanging plants, so we went to get those and some more plants to fill a left over pot.
  • My sister-in-law came out to mow my Mom’s lawn and we talked a while.
  • Then, we met my brother and sister-in-law for dinner and then downloaded some more music for Mom’s MP3 player!
  • Not as full a day, but we were still all wore out!!!!

Monday —

  • I went to town to have some alone time at the cemetery to catch up my Grandparents and my Poppie on what is going on in my life. I watered the plants that we put out and took some photos.
  • While I was in town, I went around and took a bunch of photos of places that remind me of home or have special meaning to me — I’ll post some highlights of the photos in the next day or two.
  • I caught the tail end of a Memorial Day celebration at the high school and go to hear the ending of a performance by the high school’s Purple Eagles Marching Band — what a treat!!!
  • Mom and I took a nap cause she was exhausted from being a lot more active than she has been since before the hip replacement surgery and I was going to have to get up at 3:00 am Tuesday to catch a flight back to NC!
  • We fixed dinner and then played around on the computer to end up the visit!

Tuesday —

  • Tuesday morning, I got up at 3:00 to get ready to be picked up by my brother to take me to the airport on his way in to work.
  • I caught the 6:00 flight – connected in JFK – and arrived in RDU without any delays, massive crowds, or other issues!!!
  • I picked up the girls, who were soooooooooooo happy to see me and to get home!!! They went nuts all over the house and back yard – then crashed and have been snoring almost non-stop ever since!
  • I had a 5:00 CIS meeting and then went to Myra’s Kitchen for dinner!

The adventure is over — today was back to normal and back to work — all-in-all I had a great visit with Mom!!! She is doing so good — still shaky on her legs and needs a cane to get around, but the muscles are getting stronger and there is NO pain associated with the hip surgery!!! The doc says she’s progressing very well and it shows!!!

Watch for photos of some of my favorite home town sights in the next day or two!

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