What Day Is It?????

I slept a little late this morning – trying to catch up from a week of coming back from vacation and having to catch up at work and home…….I needed a couple extra hours sleep this morning! When I got up, I took care of the girls – their morning ritual of going outside, having breakfast and going back outside – and sat down to read the Sanford Herald on line. As I flipped through the pages and read the parts I always be sure to read and the other stuff that catches my eye, I got to section D and stopped cold! Section D was titled “Business” and had Jonathan Owens’ “On The Street” column and the Chamber Chat column and I just starred at it for a few seconds — what was that doing there today???? Then I thought, “exactly how late did I sleep this morning?????” The Business section is ALWAYS in Sunday’s paper — not Saturday’s!!! It is one of the sections I always look for on Sunday mornings – I love to see what Jonathan will talk about is new “On the Street”!!

So, I hovered my cursor over the time in the bottom right corner of my monitor and, sure enough, it WAS Saturday — I didn’t sleep through it to find that it was actually Sunday!!! Nope — I was on the right day — the Business Section was on the WRONG day!!!! Was this a mistake – did someone accidentally print Sunday’s “D” section in place of Saturday’s “D” section? Has something happened in the universe to mis-align the moon and the sun to create this strange anomaly? What will be in Sunday’s paper in place of the Business Section???? Does the hard copy have the same bazaar day swap? I’ll have to get out to the box and check that out! I rushed to Jonathan’s and Billy Liggett’s blogs to see if they posted anything that might solve the mystery – nothing! My whole day will be out of kilter hanging on the chance to read Sunday’s edition to find out what will be there to replace what I already read today that I am not supposed to read until tomorrow — oh woo is me — the drama of it all — I don’t know how I am going to survive the day today — what else is going to be out of whack to further cement this feeling of utter confusion!!!!

On a brighter note — being able to read Jonathan’s column today gave me a chance to check out a new shop that has opened downtown that he mentioned — Beauty Basket on Steele Street — if I had read this tomorrow, I would have had to wait until next Saturday to check it out!!! So – there you go – yet another proof of the old saying “everything happens for a reason”!!!!

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