Sunday Small Talk

Just some thoughts for a Sunday evening — end of another weekend and start of a new week!
  • Amy usually sleeps up tight to my back most of the night, but the last few nights, she’s preferred to sleep cuddled up to my chest with her head nussled in under my chin! Not sure what caused her to change all of a sudden, but I like that she wants to snuggle more! Katie prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed facing the door like the Queen’s Guard — she always has — the pillow next to me was Puddles’ spot and after Puddles passed on, I wasn’t able to get Katie to take over the “place of honor”. Megan likes to lay beside me about in the middle of the bed — she doesn’t like being cuddled when she sleeps. So — Amy’s move to the “place of honor” seems OK with the other two — and OK with me! I hope it lasts!
  • Good news this week — the Yankees have moved up past Baltimore AND Toronto into third place in the standings. They hit third place a couple times this week and bounced around between third and fourth place — they are waging a good fight for a come back!
  • Army Wives – a great show on Lifetime every Sunday at 10:00 pm – started a new season last Sunday. The premier episode was so compelling – I was on the edge of my seat and in tears the entire hour and then sat through it for the encore presentation at 11:00 and was just as entranced by it! This week’s episode in on now and is just as good. This is an amazing series – I didn’t miss a single episode last season (their first season) and I don’t intend to miss any this season!!!
  • It was a very pleasant weekend — we got a nice soaking Saturday evening and through the night that will help my grass and plants and it was cooler than it has been. Still pretty hot during the day, but not as unbearable!
  • Man – the smoke that rolled in here from the coastal wild fires was pretty intense!!! Especially on Thursday!!! I was out off and on during the day and then went to Cafe 121 and the Temple Theater that evening. The air quality was so bad that my inhaler and asthma medicine didn’t do any good at all — by the time I got home after the show, I was so light headed and my lungs felt bruised!!!!
  • One of the most disturbing stories on the news this week was the 13 year old boy in Raleigh that died after being tied to a tree for two nights by his Dad and Step-Mother!

That’s about all I have on my mind tonight – at least all that I care to share – ha-ha!!!

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