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The funny thing about “age”…

Age – I always find the subject of age to be a strange one!  There are almost as many different view points on age as there are people with view points! I am writing about this topic because over the past few days I… Continue Reading “The funny thing about “age”…”

Saturday in Sanford

It was a pretty day in Sanford, today — sunny, warm, great weather!  The temperature on the sign at Walgreens said 90 degrees – I don’t believe it got that hot, but it was definitely quite warm!  Our fellow blogger, Lindsay and her best… Continue Reading “Saturday in Sanford”

Sunday Outing

It was an incredibly gorgeous day today!  I decided that an outing with the top down would be wonderful and it was!  The sun was warm and the sky was the most perfect shade of blue with fluffy bright cotton puff clouds!  It was… Continue Reading “Sunday Outing”

Best News of the Day!!!

Something in my morning routine gave me something to smile about all day today — not that I don’t always find something to smile about fairly quickly each morning, but today I found it in the Sanford Herald! I got up, took care of… Continue Reading “Best News of the Day!!!”

Mid Week Rambling….

Since I was off on Monday for Labor Day, I can’t keep what day it is straight in my head! Today is Weds, today is Weds, today is Weds……..only problem with doing that is that tomorrow, I’ll STILL think it is Weds! ha-ha-ha My… Continue Reading “Mid Week Rambling….”

Reflecting on the Weekend Activities

It is midnight on Sunday and I am sitting here reflecting on the weekend that just ended! Yep – the weekend is over – I should be in bed getting the beauty sleep I need to be able to get up in the morning… Continue Reading “Reflecting on the Weekend Activities”

Sunday Morning Thoughts – Bagels and More….

Here’s what is on my mind this morning: Bagels ‘N Stuff — I did a post back in June about the new bagel shop in Sanford called Bagels ‘N Stuff located next to Cafe Vesuvio (click here to read the post and comments). At… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning Thoughts – Bagels and More….”

The Purse Saga…

Unlike the stereotypical woman, I am not a shoe or purse hound. I don’t usually spend a lot of money on shoes and purses. I don’t think I have ever spent more than $15 or so on a purse – with the exception of… Continue Reading “The Purse Saga…”


You know the old sayings: F-O-R-D = Fix or repair daily F-O-R-D = Found on road dead And I’m sure there are more…. My Dad worked for GM and I was married to a “Chevy Man”, so very few of my cars were NOT… Continue Reading “F-O-R-D”

Puttering Around on a Saturday

Man, it was HOT today!!! I did a bunch of stuff this morning, but then pretty much stayed in the house with the air conditioning turned down to stay cool……the girls spent the majority of the day sleeping on or near register vents to… Continue Reading “Puttering Around on a Saturday”