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Smile – it inceases your face value!

My last post was about the joy that a good cry brings.  Now, I think I’ll give smiling some equal time.  And, yes, the title is a quote from Steel Magnolias – Truvie, played by Dolly Parton, said it in the movie that always brings a… Continue Reading “Smile – it inceases your face value!”

Saturday Morning in Sanford

I had the best Saturday morning in Sanford today!  The weather couldn’t be more perfect – hot, but not too hot (but, just wait until the afternoon, I’m sure), with a nice breeze and a gorgeous bright blue sky!  I had stuff on my… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning in Sanford”

Are you kidding me????

I’ve been away for the past week – I went on a cruise with my Mom!  YAY!  But that isn’t the topic of this post – nope, the juicy cruise details will come after I get some much-needed sleep and get settled in –… Continue Reading “Are you kidding me????”


Well, all I can say is “Hhhmmm”!  Today’s thoughts and activities have been all over the place  – some border on “strange” and some just plain left me speechless!  But…..a blogger never has a problem turning “speechless” into the written word!  hehehe  I’ll start with… Continue Reading “Hhhmmm”

Day Fit For A King

Today – January 8th – was a day fit for a king!  Yep, the King, Elvis Presley, would have turned 75 years old today!  But that wasn’t the only notable thing that happened, or for that matter, didn’t happen today!  I have a lot of thoughts… Continue Reading “Day Fit For A King”

Life is back to normal

WHEW!  My life is back to normal – sorta – whatever “normal” means!  So, what do I do with my time, now?  Do I sit on my laurels and twiddle my thumbs while I enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation?  Um – NO!  I’m… Continue Reading “Life is back to normal”

Hang on to your hats, boys!

This is going to be a WILD week — seat belts and helmets required!!!  We’re down to the wire with the CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event.  Friday is the big nite!  So — the week ahead will be wild, rough, and… Continue Reading “Hang on to your hats, boys!”

Pleasant Surprise

Jumping to conclusions isn’t a good thing!  Until you know what you think you know is correct, you should always give the benefit of the doubt.  Because, you never know when you may find out that what you think you know isn’t really right,… Continue Reading “Pleasant Surprise”

Easter Weekend Updates

What a great weekend this was!!!  The weather was perfect and I had such a good time – can you spell S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G, boys and girls? I started out the weekend by heading down to Fayetteville – I wanted to go to the Dress Barn… Continue Reading “Easter Weekend Updates”

Some Ramblings and Movie Reviews

It was a wonderful, lazy weekend – perfect weather, nothing pressing that needed to be done, no concrete plans – just a lazy weekend!  I went to see a couple movies this weekend and have some other updates to chat about.  So, here are my movie… Continue Reading “Some Ramblings and Movie Reviews”