Hang on to your hats, boys!

This is going to be a WILD week — seat belts and helmets required!!!  We’re down to the wire with the CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event.  Friday is the big nite!  So — the week ahead will be wild, rough, and fun…fun…fun!!!  Here’s what the universe has in store for me:

  • Of course, I will be working every day at my day job — you know, the one that pays the bills….
  • Monday evening:   Dress rehearsal, meeting with the restaurants, and final detail discussions all at the Civic Center!
  • Tuesday lunch time:   Wing Man Tam – the dancer that is representing the company I work for – and I will be outside the Cafe at work collecting cash for votes from the employees and keeping the excitement going!
  • Tuesday evening:   CIS Board meeting to review the event details and what everyone needs to know!
  • Wednesday evening:  Create the restaurant menu tent cards, finalize the design and details on the sponsor boards, and any other preparation details!
  • Thursday evening:   Drop off supplies and start preparing the Civic Center!
  • Friday:  Get off work at noon, run by the Civic Center to set up the Taste of Lee County and other decorations, run home to get changed into my fancy duds, and be back to the Civic Center by 5:00 to get ready for the doors to open for the event at 6:00!
  • Friday night – late:   CRASH!!!!
  • Saturday morning:  I actually have a 9:00 am hair appt — what was I thinking when I made THAT appt???  I knew that the morning of the 22nd would be the morning after the event and that I would likely still be in a coma from a week FULL TO THE RAFTERS with late nights, stress, and excitement!!!  But — if I reschedule now, I won’t get in for weeks and my hair soooooo needs a trim and a root job!!!

WHEW!!!!  I’m tired already — just writing it all down has totally exhausted me!  But, it is going to be GREAT — I can’t wait to take in every wild and crazy second of this week!

Hope you already have your tickets to the show — it’s sold out!!!

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