Pleasant Surprise

Jumping to conclusions isn’t a good thing!  Until you know what you think you know is correct, you should always give the benefit of the doubt.  Because, you never know when you may find out that what you think you know isn’t really right, after all.  Then, you may find out you wasted all that energy being all wrapped up in what you thought you knew!  Follow me?  Well, here’s an example to help bring some clarity to my ramblings…..

I spent a lot of time this week being angry about my internet access through Charter Communications.  Ever since the rain and storms started at the beginning of the week, I have been without high speed access!  Which means I have had to connect through my AOL dial up access — which meant slow access, slow loading, slow downloading, and an extra per hour charge after the first 10 hours!  Uugghh! 

I called Charter when it first went out and they said there were problems in the area and they were being worked on.  When it didn’t come back the next day, I called again and they said the problems were fixed and there were no more outages in my area.  I begged to differ and told them that “I” was still out!  The girl I talked to suggested I reset my modem – which I had already done – several times!  So, no help there! 

I assumed (yes, I know what assume stands for) that my problem was the continued rain and that once it dried out, I’d be OK.  So, every day – in fact, several times every day – I tried to reset the modem thinking that the darn lines should dry out at some point!   I got it to connect a couple times, but it only lasted a few minutes and was out again!  Luckily, I still had TV service, just no internet!

Every time I logged on with my dial up and tried to open something, I thought to myself – “Man, if those sales people from Windstream would just call me this week, I’ll switch in a heart beat!!!”  (I usually tell them I am happy with my current service and don’t want to switch – which is usually the truth!)

I finally decided to try to call Charter again yesterday.  The automated system took me through all the same resetting procedures I had done myself many times over the past week – I was getting very irritated!!  I finally got through to a real person, who did some checking and said that it looked like I wasn’t getting a signal — well, DUH!!!  He scheduled me for a service person to come out to see what was wrong.  I expected him to tell me it would be a week from next Thursday – I was ready to go off on him!  But – I was happy when he said the technician would be here in the morning – Sunday – between 8:00-12:00!  OK – we have some help on the way!  AND he said he would issue me a credit for the week I didn’t have service – now we’re talking! 

So – I got up bright an early this morning to be sure I was up and dressed before 8:00 – just in case by some freak chance, the cable guy showed up in the first part of the time range!  (yeah, right, like that was really gonna happen, huh?)

What a wonderful surprise it was to be sitting at the kitchen table and see the Charter truck pull in promptly at 8:00!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  The technician was a very nice young man who I found out through our conversations was from Long Island, NY and just moved here in April  (we had a nice conversation while he was here — he’s a Yankee fan, so we had some things in common!  LOL). 

He got on my computer and did a diagnostic that told him that it wasn’t a water problem – more likely a connection problem.  So he asked me some questions, checked all my connections, and found that the splitter that splits the cable in the den between the computer and the TV was blown!  Apparently, the lightening was so bad during that first storm that it ran a power surge through the cable line.  The outside splitter is grounded, so it didn’t damage that one, but it got to the splitter in the den and there was nowhere to divert it, so it fried the half of the splitter that went to the computer (hence, the TV was still OK) — amazing what electricity flows will do!  Thank goodness it stopped at the splitter and didn’t fry my computer — my Dad’s got fried from lightening once – not a pretty picture!!! 

So – he fixed that and got me all up and running.  He then went in to the cable box to be sure all was OK with the TV (even though I thought the picture was fine, he wanted to be sure) and noticed I had an HD TV, but not an HD cable box!  He asked if I wanted to upgrade for $5.00 more a month — I asked “is it really THAT much different to be worth $5 more a month?”  He said the difference is amazing!  So — he got a new HD cable box from the truck and changed them out — and he was right!!!  Man, what a difference!!!  He also noticed that the TV was set to “full screen” and that it was cutting off the top and bottom edges of the picture, so he changed my TV settings to “wide screen” so that the picture fits the screen better!  

So – all is great now!  I have my high speed connection back, I have a MUCH improved picture on my TV, and I even got my TV adjusted – something that had nothing to do with the cable service, but he was nice enough to take all of 2 seconds to make it better for me!

Moral of the story — don’t assume — don’t waste time and energy telling yourself potentially incorrect stories — and don’t always start out thinking the worst of the cable company and their technicians!!!  I wish I knew the technician’s name (all I have is a signature that I can’t make out on my receipt) cause he deserves major kudos for customer service and his friendly attitude!!!! 

Happy Ending………note to Windstream — you’re still not gonna get me to switch after all.

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