It is a mystery…

OK – I give up – there is no explanation – I have searched and absolutely can NOT figure out how it happened – what in the world could it be? 

I got up this morning and went in to the living room and found a small amount of batting (not much, just a few chunks) on the love seat and a chewed up “squeaker”.  I knew it had to have come from one of two toys, but neither one was laying anywhere near the innards.  So, I went searching in the rooms that had open doors – the bathroom was clear – the den had the irritating song toy, but not the bubba toy.  I checked the irritating song toy all over and it was fine and still plays the irritating song!  So, I went into the bedroom – ah ha – there was the bubba toy…, I picked it up and looked it over and discovered the amazing mystery that can not be solved! 

The toy looked fine, except the small section in the center that was flat – no batting and no squeaker!  The rest of it was perfectly fine – batting all along the rest of it’s long, thin body and……here lies the haunting  mystery…..there are NO holes in it ANYWHERE!!!  The fuzzy fabric is totally intact!  No split in the seams… ripped out sides… missing head or hat…..NOTHING!!!  Bubba looks perfectly fine – other than being a little grimy from several weeks of being carried around everywhere and used as a pillow or something to hug while Megan slept and, of course, for the small section that no longer has any batting and the missing squeaker!  How in the world did the batting and squeaker get removed?  Did one of the girls take the time to sew up the opening to fix the toy after removing the squeaker?  This is going to bother me for all eternity…….

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