Movie Review – The Ugly Truth

theuglytruth_smallposterI took in the 5:10 showing of The Ugly Truth this weekend.  This is a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl (Gray’s Anatomy) and Gerard Butler (PS I Love You, 2007).

Heigl portrays Abby Ritcher, a neurotic control freak who is looking for the perfect mate by matching prospective suitors to a checklist of desired qualities.  She is also the producer of a local morning show that is struggling with ratings.  To raise ratings, her bosses bring on Butler’s character, Mike Chadway, and his “The Ugly Truth” segment to spice up the show.  Chadway’s local cable show focuses on telling the ugly truth about the relationships between men and women – he is crude and obnoxious, but has a huge fan following.  Of course, he immediately rubs Abby the wrong way and a series of hysterical interchanges ensue – Abby is bound and determined to prove to him that his outlook is totally wrong and he sticks to his guns by pointing out why her approach is exactly why she is still single with a cat for a room mate! 

Enter Abby’s new neighbor — an absolutely drop dead gorgeous doctor played by former model Eric Winter who she soon finds out meets 9 out of 10 points on her check list!  Abby is well on her way to ruining her chances with the Doc with her enthusiasm.  Mike notices and when she tries to show him that the perfect man DOES exist, he talks her into taking his dating advice.  She does and it WORKS! 

The interactions and relationships between the three and the morning show back drop make for a very funny movie!  There are at least two scenes that are so funny they can be described as “laughed out loud, tears ran down my cheeks, all I could do to keep from peeing my pants” hysterical!!!  There were other laugh out loud scenes, as well — but those two are worth the price of admission alone!  Abby and Mike also discover they both have another side that shows them they have more in common than meets the eye, which creates a major conflict in their goals to prove each other wrong!

Overall, the movie was very funny and enjoyable.  The part I thought didn’t fit was that they had Abby stooping to Mike’s level in a way that just didn’t make a lot of sense.  She also over-did the “desperate love sick” female bit.  BUT – both those downfalls made for good comedy – so I was torn as to whether or not to take points off for them.

I recommend this movie if you want to laugh and if you just want to be entertained.  HOWEVER – if you take offense in blatant sexual innuendo and sexual comedy, this movie may not be for you and I would recommend some caution if you plan to take young children with you.  I give this one a solid B and recommend it for a fun date movie!

Now – on a side note – I usually go to the matinee shows because it really irritates me to pay full price for a movie!  Yesterday I planned to go to the 12:45 show, but got tied up with some things and didn’t make it.  So, I went home and did some things waiting for the 3:10 show, but relaxed and ended up falling into a little nap and missed that one, too!  I went to the 5:10 show, which is the first of the full price time slots of the evening.  I was shocked and very disappointed to find that Spring Lane Cinemas has raised their prices to $9.00 a ticket!  That is just way too much!  The matinee price also went up to $6.75.  Actually, all their prices were increased 25 cents.  25 cents doesn’t sound like much, but if you take a family of 4, that is a dollar more than it cost you before — which was already pretty high!  So — I give Spring Lane Cinemas a big THUMBS DOWN for raising prices in this economy for families that are already struggling to find affordable entertainment choices!

One Comment on “Movie Review – The Ugly Truth

  1. $9 is how much the matinee costs out here. $11 for afternoon shows. Which probably explains our lack of date nights at the movies.. 😦

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