Some Ramblings and Movie Reviews

It was a wonderful, lazy weekend – perfect weather, nothing pressing that needed to be done, no concrete plans – just a lazy weekend!  I went to see a couple movies this weekend and have some other updates to chat about.  So, here are my movie reviews and some good ole ramblings!

duplicity_smallposterI had considered going to see “Duplicity” at the Saturday matinee, but took an unplanned nap, instead.  The previews of this movie looked really good — funny, twists and turns, some romance — a little something for everyone!  I read the user reviews on Yahoo Movies and it looked like this was not what it was cracked up to be — the critics seemed to like it, but the users pretty much hated it and thought it was boring, confusing, and a total waste of time!  BUT – I really like Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, so I was determined to go see for myself!  Off I went to the Saturday evening 5:00 show – full price, not matinee price, but, hey – it was Julia Roberts – it was bound to be worth it!!  I had it in my head that it would be similar to the 1994 hit, “I Love Trouble”, with Roberts and Nick Nolte – I loved that movie!  This looked to be the same bantering back and forth, love/hate, competitively working together – sorta, type of story — only this time it is rival spies working with corporate espionage instead of rival newspaper reporters working to get the same story!  I was wrong!!!  Yeah, it had a touch of that, but not really.  The user reviews were mostly correct – it was boring through a large portion of the movie and it was very confusing!  But, I didn’t think it was a TOTAL waste of time.  I did consider leaving about 1/2 way through, but I rarely leave a movie – just in case it gets better!  The story was good and would have been really good if they hadn’t made it soooooo confusing and if they added some action here and there!!!  They worked with flash backs through the majority of the movie — you’d see something happen and then it would flash back to something that happened earlier to explain what just happened… was a mess!  It would not have ruined any part of the story to just show it in the order it happened – then, like with most movies, if you’re paying attention you can make the connection and “get” the explanation you saw in an earlier scene — and it wouldn’t have been such a confusing mess!!  The only flash backs that were appropriate were the ones at the end that tied it all together – you definitely wouldn’t have wanted to see those scenes ahead of time – it would have ruined the ending!  All in all, I think it was “OK”, but really wish I hadn’t paid full price and just waited until it came out on NetFlix!  I rate it a “C (and I might be just a little generous here because it is such a lovely day).

knowing_posterToday I went to see “Knowing”– Nicolas Cage’s new movie – with a friend!  Man, talk about intense!!  I won’t go into details because any details beyond what you see on the previews would be mean spirited spoilers and I won’t do that to you!!!  Suffice it to say that this Science Fiction/Action movie absolutely lives up to the hype!!!  I didn’t realize it was Science Fiction and I’m glad I didn’t because I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it and I would have missed a really good movie!!!  There is incredible action – there is tense drama – there are bazaar things going on – there is suspense!!!  It will keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the unbelievable ending!  Even though it was a little too “Twilight Zone” for my usual taste, I really enjoyed it and left feeling really strange…….hhhmmm!!!  I give this one a BIG “A”!!!

So, on to the ramblings — I got my car fixed this week!  Tramway Auto Body did the work and did a great job!!!  I recommend them to anyone needing body work done – they were very nice, professional, helpful, reasonable, and quick!!!  For the two days it was in the shop, I rented a Kia Spectra — a surprisingly nice car!!  I only needed it to get back and forth to work for two days, so I didn’t really care – just asked for the cheapest rental I could get!  But, I was very happy with the Kia – it was comfortable and drove really nice!  Sweet little car!

The first day of Spring was Friday and there are signs of Spring blooming all over the place!  The Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom and early Spring bushes are blooming all over town!  One of the shrubs beside my back deck is all full of blossoms – not sure what it is called, but here is a picture of it:


We saw another perfect sign of spring today on the way to the movie in Southern Pines!  We stopped by the little airport in Carthage and the little restaurant there (Pik ‘n Pig) was packed with bikers enjoying some pulled pork at the outdoor tables watching the airplanes come and go:


Well, that’s it for now — gotta go get back to being lazy, the weekend is almost over!!

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