Saturday Evening Thoughts

penny-for-your-thoughtsJust some thoughts, words, and information to share on a quiet Saturday evening – the last Saturday of the first quarter of 2009….

I discovered Lipton White Tea with Blueberry and Pomegranate today — YUM!!!  I usually don’t steep my tea bags very long cause I don’t like it strong – I generally get 2, sometimes 3 cups of tea out of one bag, but this one needed to steep quite a while to get all the flavor out of the bag — but it was really worth the wait!!!  I am drinking it with a plate of fresh fruit and a piece of chicken — it is a perfectly delicious and lite dinner (I had a late lunch, so didn’t really want a full dinner)!!!   

The “Best of Lee County” list was featured in today’s Sanford Herald – I agree with most of the choices, but have a few that I thought weren’t what I would have voted for (no – I didn’t submit my votes – I kept meaning to, but just never got around to it – so, I guess it is like the political elections – if I didn’t vote, I lost my right to complain about the winners……)!  The ones that REALLY stuck out at me were:

  • that Myra’s Kitchen didn’t win anything – they made it to the runners up, but didn’t win!  I see the Herald agrees with me, though – they had them listed on their picks! 
  • Bella Bistro sharing the honor with Davison’s for “Best Romantic Restaurant” — Bella’s is much more cozy and intimate – a much more romantic atmosphere than Davison’s!  Don’t get me wrong – I like Davison’s, but the new location is so open and noisy — not really that much of a romantic setting!
  • Davison’s winning Best Steak — true – their steaks are outstanding and until recently, they were the best place to go for a really exquisitely done steak!  But — a couple of months ago, Chef Hamm started offering ribeye steaks on his Thursday and Friday dinner menus (prime rib and filet mignon, too, but I am partial to ribeye and that is what Davison’s serves, too – so we’re comparing apples to apples with the ribeye) — Chef Hamm’s steak is a LOT larger and thicker than the standard steak at Davison’s (you can get it cut bigger at Davison’s, but it costs more) and Chef Hamm sears it on the edges with pepper and seasonings that make it oh so good!!!  AND it is less expensive than Davison’s standard cut…..I’m just saying……
  • And it is no secret that I think All Animals and Dr. Cindy are the best veterinarians in town — so, why did Myres’ win????????

We had some really bad weather around here yesterday — tornadoes ripped through areas not too far from here!  Bad!!!  And they are predicting more bad weather tonight!!!  It has been raining off and on all day and the thunder is rolling in now…..sounds like we’re in for a bit of the nasties pretty soon!!!

I had a meeting with a counselor at First Health in Pinehurst yesterday to talk about my recent diagnosis of Type II Diabetes — he was wonderful and crammed a TON of info into a one hour session — I felt really good and optimistic when I left!  I signed up for three classes that each will give me more in-depth info on topics that I could use some more help with.   I think this will be a huge benefit for me – help me understand what I need to do to change my lifestyle and cope with this serious health issue — the counselor really helped me realize that I can do this!!!!

One of the 2009 Nora Roberts Collection – Midnight Bayou – is on at 9:00 on Life Time tonight.  Looks good.  I love Nora Roberts.

Well, that’s all I have for now……I hope the weather is better tomorrow so we have at least one day this weekend that is nice! 

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