This week’s “DUH” award winner

puppy-eyes2This week the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made an announcement that is a classic “DUH” award candidate!  A study concluded that pets are a major cause of falls and other related injuries to humans…..well, yeah – I coulda told them that……ha-ha!

Although I have never ended up in the ER or with broken bones because of it, I can write a book about all the cuts, bruises, trips, falls, etc. caused by the girls I love so much!!!  And it doesn’t stop there – I could do sequel after sequel by adding editions dedicated to other beloved pets in my past.

Pets generally don’t mean to hurt us – I know there are some bad pets, but generally speaking, our pets love us!  And THAT sometimes is the cause of our accidents — their over zealous excitement about seeing us, being near us, desire to get our attentions, and on and on and on…..

Let’s see – what are some of the top ways my sweet little girls have unintentionally caused me some level of pain or near misses:

  • I have blogged about some of them — like this post devoted to a really bad tumble I took one day (click here to read it)….
  • When they finally have confirmation that I am awake in the mornings, they take turns climbing all over me to get their kisses in — my poor body….
  • Leaping at me in excitement when I get home from work….
  • Siding into the back of my legs as they play around with each other….
  • Being under-foot when I’m trying to work around the house….
  • Rushing past me going up or down steps….
  • Laying in my path and not moving, but when I go to step over or around them, they decide to go ahead and move – right into the spot my foot is about to land….
  • Digging at me, jumping at me, etc. when I hide their toys behind me and play “betcha can’t get it” (OK, so those bruises and scratches are my own doing…..)
  • And the indirect incidents — when I trip over their toys in the dark….

All this brings new meaning to the term “Love Hurts” — and it is all sooooooooo worth it!!!  he-he-he-he

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