Best Laid Plans and Blah, Blah, Blah

1088840wd9affg11zMy goal or plans for the weekend were minimal – mostly just to relax and unwind – but there were a couple things on my to-do list.  So far, I have the “relax and unwind” part covered, but none of the “to-dos” have even gotten past the “gee, I oughta” phase!

I had a long week, but it was a good one — got LOTS accomplished and felt really good about it!  So, the weekend didn’t need to be used to catch up on anything in particular and I didn’t being any work from work home!  yippee!  So, I slept in this morning (well, sorta – the girls woke me up at 6:00, just like usual, but they were very happy to go back to bed after they went out to do their business) – I got up (for real) about 8:30….REALLY!!  I did some puttering around on here for a while, did a load of laundry, and decided what I would try to do with my day.  The plans were to go get my car inspected (it runs out the end of the month) and maybe take it by that guy on the corner of Horner and Wicker to give it a good cleaning inside and out.  I also considered going to see “Duplicity” – the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owen movie – but I read the Yahoo Movies reviews and the users pretty much hate it!  The critics seem to like it with a “B” average rating, but the users all say it is complicated, boring, and a waste of time!  But, since I like Julia Roberts and the previews look really funny, I decided to ignore them and go see for myself!  I also had to pop in to the grocery store and get a few things.

Well, I finally decided to hop in the shower and get dressed to head out about noon-ish.  I made the mistake of laying on the bed for a few minutes to play and cuddle with the girls — two hours later, I woke up!!!  Still in my jammies….the matinee movie start times had passed, it is probably too late to get my car inspected anywhere, and I’m fairly certain the car wash guy is closed or about to close!!!!  Chalk today up to a lazy wasted day!  Hhhmmm!

So, what’s on the radar for tomorrow?  I think I may start some spring cleaning…..or maybe I’ll take a nap!!!  I’ll let you know how that goes for me!!!

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