Saturday Morning in Sanford

I had the best Saturday morning in Sanford today!  The weather couldn’t be more perfect – hot, but not too hot (but, just wait until the afternoon, I’m sure), with a nice breeze and a gorgeous bright blue sky!  I had stuff on my “to do” list, but nothing that I needed to rush around for!  And I just plain had fun!

I started out driving through town with the top down on the pony, Sanford’s WFJA 105.5 blarring out classic rock hits on the radio, and me singing along at the top of my lungs!  I was bee-bopping and singing and having a big party in my car when I came up along side of a lady in an SUV with all her windows rolled up tight!  I could tell she could still hear me or at the very least knew I was singing and having a party all by myself!  When I noticed her starring at me, I smiled and waved and she instantly looked away as if to say “oh, no, the crazy lady saw me looking at her – don’t make eye contact – you might catch what she has!”  hahaha  I just kept having fun and enjoying my lovely Saturday morning!  No prissy lady in a big SUV that doesn’t even want the breeze to come in her windows is going to spoil that for me!!!  {giggle}

Then, I went to Marcello’s and Aprille gave me a much-needed pedicure – I now have soft, well-maintained feetsies and toesies and I feel so good!!! 

From there, I went to Southern Jewelers to check out the new stuff my friend Lora Wright got at a show in Las Vegas!  I fell in love with two amazing rings that I just had to have!  So, that’s my shameless gift to myself for the day!

Then, I went out to the annual Arden sale and bought a really pretty umbrella for my patio table — just $35.00!  Arden has a manufacturing site here in Sanford – they make high-end patio cushions, umbrellas, and other stuff like that!  Each year about this time, they open up a warehouse full of discontinued pattern stock for sale – CHEAP!!!  I just got all new cushions last year and they are still good, so I didn’t need any cushions.  But, a big wind picked up my umbrella – table and all – and threw it across the patio and landed upside down, breaking the post and umbrella in several places!  I loved that umbrella, but wasn’t terribly upset because I got it at Arden last year for $35.00, so I wasn’t out the big bucks it would have cost me in the store!  So — I did need a new umbrella!  I’m loving this one!

A biscuitville biscuit for brunch on the way home ended my morning adventure…………, I think I’ll curl up in front of the TV and risk falling into a nice nap!!!

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