Saturday in Sanford

It was a pretty day in Sanford, today — sunny, warm, great weather!  The temperature on the sign at Walgreens said 90 degrees – I don’t believe it got that hot, but it was definitely quite warm!  Our fellow blogger, Lindsay and her best guy, Ross, got married today and I’m so happy that the weather was perfect for them!

Speaking of weather — up until last night, the 10 day forecast on has indicated that all of next week (including Friday – GALA night) would be perfect – mid 70s and sunny or partly sunny every day!  Then, last night the forecast changed on and all the local weather reports!  Now they are saying that a storm system is brewing in the mid-west and should be here bringing “possible” showers by the end of the week – Thursday and Friday – UUGGHH!!!!  Please send whatever mojo you can muster up to keep the rain away from Thursday and especially Friday!!!

So, what did I do all day today?  LOTS!

I started the day (after spending the morning playing with the girls) by having breakfast at Myra’s Kitchen!  Did you know that Myra’s is open for breakfast on Saturdays now?  I think their hours on Saturday are 7:00-2:00 or something like that!  Myra also said that they are going to start opening up at 7:00 am during the week for breakfast, too!!!

After breakfast, I ran some errands and then went to the movies!  I saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  I enjoyed the movie, but was a little disappointed – not much, though!  It was really cute, funny, and an enjoyable time!  I can’t really put my finger on why I was a little disappointed – maybe my expectations were just too high – don’t know!  It did have some sections that were on the boring side and I found my mind wandering and wishing they would move on.  But, you have that in a lot of movies – it wasn’t enough to ruin the enjoyment.  Kids will LOVE it — the theater was full of kids and they were having a really good time!  Adults will enjoy it too — just maybe not as much as some other recent kids movies that also have adult appeal.  Judge for yourself, though — like I said, I did like it and can’t really pin point why I was slightly disappointed, so it might have just been my mood today……..I am giving this one a B and may give it another chance when it comes out on DVD!

After the movie, I went to that new nail place in WalMart plaza – Queen Nails and Spa – to get a pedicure!  It is a really nice place — clean, bright, and nicely decorated and furnished!  They do a good pedicure, too!  Every nail place does their pedicures a little different – basically the same, but with some twists – I just want a nice relaxing pedicure that isn’t too rough and where the nail tech isn’t afraid to work on any ingrown nails!!  I got that and was very pleased!  I would definitely go there again!

On another note — I joined Netflix and got my first three movies yesterday!  I have thought about joining for a while, but wasn’t sure if I would get enough use out of it to get the best value — like I really have time to add watching even MORE movies!!!  ha-ha  I also thought maybe it would help me save some money by seeing movies at home and not going to the theater as much!  I would rent more, but I think going to the rental places and having to take the movies back on certain days is too inconvenient, so I don’t usually bother.  But, let’s be honest, here – the inconvenience of rental isn’t really what keeps me from renting more and there’s little chance of anything keeping me from spending so much time at the theater!!!  I just plain like movies and when I see one that interests me, I can’t be waiting for it to come out on DVD!!!!  ha-ha  Anyway — I’ll see how Netflix goes — I can always cancel it anytime if I find I don’t get enough value out of it — I sure like the idea of movies coming to me in my mailbox, though!!!

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