Shoes – Love them or hate them?

Shoes – most women LOVE shoes!  Movies glorify shoes — The Devil Wears Prada was all about fashion and, of course, shoes!  In Her Shoes was about sisters who had very little in common, but they did both enjoy a good designer shoe!  Even Legally Blonde had a scene where Elle was waiting for her turn at the water fountain and one of the witnesses in her case looked at her tapping her foot and commented on her shoes – which resulted in Elle exposing him as being gay and using it as one of her points to blow the case out of the water!  And, there are tons more examples!

BUT — I do believe that all manufacturers of shoes are closet torture masters!!!  Even the women designers create the most torturous looking contraptions for us to put on our feet – you’d think they would know better!!!  Who’s feet are shaped like that?  My toes don’t come to a sharp point and my foot doesn’t arch up so that I walk on my toes with my heel way up in the air!   And they aren’t even made out of comfortable materials — they are hard, rigid, and don’t move when your foot moves – not soft and plyable!  If they don’t have hard, rigid sides, they have straps that cut into your flesh when your foot slides down in them (and it will)!  And what about those heels?  What made the inventors of 4-5″ (or more) spike heels think that women would naturally be able to balance themselves on a tall toothpick?  That takes years of practice and specialized training — just so we can wear shoes that cost as much as our homes do because they look so cute…..and I won’t even mention the long term medical ramifications wearing shoes like these have on your feet, legs, back, etc…..

Here are some examples I found — they may be adorable shoes, but they don’t even remotely look like they would be comfortable for more than 10 minutes on a normal foot:


I have worn high pumps in the past — spent a fortune on shoes that were a perfect compliment to a special event — for my wedding, for example, I had a lovely pair of ivory lace pumps that matched the chantilly lace in my gown!  Every time I attempted to wear high fashion shoes, I was so very sorry!!!  My feet screamed at me after the first little bit — I was able to make a fashionable appearance and then the shoes spent the rest of the time off my feet under the table while I comfortably went barefoot!!!  Once, I even turned my ankle trying to dance in a pair of absolutely adorable sandals with 5″ spike heels! 

So — here are MY favorite shoes — I go purely for comfort when I pick out a shoe — yes, I want them to look nice, but that is a secondary selection criteria — with the exception of flip flops and little slip ons (I do love flip flops and little slip ons), I go strictly for practical, comfortable shoes!!  Grasshoppers and Easy Spirit are my designers of choice!


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