What a great night for Sanford…

I had the absolute pleasure of being an usher at the Temple Theater tonight for the “invitation only” presentation before the public unveiling of the results of the 2nd Century Project — Sanford’s new logo and branding!  WOW!  I couldn’t stay for the public portion, so I’m not sure how much detail they put in the presentation at Depot Park.  The Temple Theater presentation went deep into what they did and how they came to the new logo and the catch phrase “Sanford – Well Centered” – PERFECT!!!!  To say I was impressed would be a huge understatement!  Everyone who worked on this project deserves a HUGE thank you from all of Sanford!!!  Job well done!!!

When I left the Temple, I was parked on Moore Street and started to just go on down Moore to avoid the traffic.  But, I was really all pumped up and so excited, I decided to circle around and drive by Depot Park to see what kind of crowd they ended up having there.  It was a pretty night and, like I said, I was all pumped up, so I put the top down and cruised past Depot Park — I was so very happy to see that there couldn’t have been an inch of grass not covered by someone — it was so packed that people were standing along Moore Street watching!  I do believe it is likely that nearly every Sanford resident was there (slight exaggeration to emphasize the size of the crowd)!!!  The celebration got the turn out it so richly deserved!!!  I could hear the band and it was amazing!!!  I just drove by slowly taking it all in and was totally overwhelmed by the joy of seeing the success of this event!!!  I have never seen so many people in the park all at the same time!!!  Maybe it was the free hot dogs — don’t really care what got them motivated to go — they were there — that’s all that counts!!!

Then, I headed home — and it wasn’t long before I realized that putting the top down might have been a good idea when I was all pumped up and driving slowly — but, as soon as I got up to the speed limit and the wind started blowing through the car, it was no longer such a good idea!!!  It was COLD!!!  By the time I got home, I was chilled to the bone and needed to thaw out!!!!  ha-ha-ha

So — if you didn’t participate in some portion of tonight’s festivities, you really missed out!!!!  But – you can find out all about it in Friday’s Sanford Herald — it won’t be the same, though…….

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