You know the old sayings:
  • F-O-R-D = Fix or repair daily
  • F-O-R-D = Found on road dead

And I’m sure there are more…. My Dad worked for GM and I was married to a “Chevy Man”, so very few of my cars were NOT made by General Motors. I’ve had Camaros, Vegas, Cavaliers, Grand Ams, an Oldsmobile, and an Astro Van. The only outliers were a Dodge Daytona and a couple American Motors cars (an Ambassador Station Wagon and two Gremlins – all in my very early driving years). I have never owned a FORD and probably would have been ridiculed if I had even mentioned owning one!!!! But – my dream car has always been a Mustang!!! My favorite song has always been Mustang Sally!!! So – my mid-life crisis gift to myself was a red Mustang convertible — not just any red Mustang convertible, but an 8 cylinder GT and one of the new retro models!!! The first year they came out, I had to have one and searched until I found the one I wanted — red, GT, convertible!!!! And I have loved every minute since it entered my life!!! I’ve decided it will be the last car I ever buy — I’m going to drive it till the wheels fall off — my little red pony and I will be together till the day one or the other of us die!!!

Then today happened……..I got in it to go to work and it sounded like it wasn’t quite ready to wake up and then it started and all was fine — sounded normal — no idiot lights flashing at me — I was good to go!!!! I went out for lunch and it started right up — no problem — must have just been a freak thing this morning……. Then…….I left La Dolce Vita to go back to work after lunch and put the key in the ignition and turned it and all I got was “click – click – click – click – click” — RUT RO……….my F-O-R-D was “found on road dead”!!!! What was I going to do??? I had a 1:00 meeting and a 2:00 meeting and it was almost 12:30……..I called my best friend to come see if he could help — he thought maybe it was the connection to the battery, so he checked everything he could get to without getting under the car (not possible without a lift) and nothing! He was on a motorcycle, so a “jump” wasn’t in the cards……. He assured me it was probably something simple like the connections, the battery itself, or the solenoid – not a major problem! So, I started calling around to see if a service station could come help — no one was able to do so — I called the Ford dealer and their service department didn’t answer the phone — so, my friend told me to call Burrus Automotive — BINGO!!! They sent a very nice young man from Paradise Towing – we had a lovely conversation on the way to Burrus! While I waited for the tow truck to arrive, I called and cancelled my two afternoon meetings and let my boss know I needed to take 1/2 vacation day to tend to car troubles…… I got to Burrus and he asked me a couple questions, decided it was the battery, and fixed it in no time flat!!!! I was good as new and on my way home by 3:00!!!

While I waited for the my friend and again while I waited for the tow truck, all kinds of things went through my very over active imagination…….like even though I knew it was probably something simple, I was sure I’d be without a car for days and I was going to need to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill………..like how I refuse to own an “old car” cause I want one I can depend on and if I’m gonna start having problems and pouring money into it, then maybe I’d better start looking into trading cars…………..and how I just got the notice that the warranty has expired and it looks like the “timer” they put on cars to start the problems after the warranty runs out has already kicked in………and on and on………But – after paying a very reasonable bill for a quick simple fix that is probably fairly “normal” for a 3 year old car, I came back to my senses and reminded myself what a fabulous car I have and apologized to it for thinking about trading it in………we’ve made up and all is good!!!!

Thank you Paradise Towing! Thank you Burrus Automotive! And thank you to my best friend who left work to try to help me and pointed me in the best direction for a successful conclusion to my predicament!!!

One Comment on “F-O-R-D

  1. Yes, you must go to Germany (France, Switzerland, or Austria will work… but… Germany’s best) for true-blue Nutella. It’s much fresher and creamier… And I think it’s probably got more protein, cause you can run for hours on that stuff.

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