Puttering Around on a Saturday

Man, it was HOT today!!! I did a bunch of stuff this morning, but then pretty much stayed in the house with the air conditioning turned down to stay cool……the girls spent the majority of the day sleeping on or near register vents to stay cool!!!!

A quick note – Gordon Anderson from the Herald is participating in a St. Baldrick’s event at Local Joe’s on July 12th — he’s gonna have his head shaved for charity!!! The event raises money to support children with cancer. So — click here to read his blog about it — the post has a link to where you can donate to help him meet his pledge goal of $500!!! Just a couple bucks from a lot of people will do it…………won’t you spare a little for a great cause (and for the chance to see Gordon go bald)????

I have been going through some “issues” lately — nothing too serious or ominous, but I have had some wake up calls that are loudly reminding me to make healthier choices in my life so that you all can enjoy my blogging for a lot of years to come (that statement was far more dramatic than it needed to be, but I do have a flare for the drama)!!! Anyway — I did a few things today in keeping with that thought! First, I went to the Farmer’s Market on my way to my hair appt this morning (more on that later) and picked up 1/2 dozen ears of corn, a couple sweet onions, and a handful of small new potatoes – all for a total of $3.75!!!! When lunch time came, I went to Cafe 121 and had a GREAT Asian salad and passed on the dessert (I did go ahead and had my usual sweet tea, though). For an early dinner (about 4:00), I steamed a couple ears of the corn — it was DELICIOUS!!!! I had planned to roast it on the grill, but it was too hot to fire up the grill and stand outside over an open flame for 2 ears of corn……so, I steamed it in the microwave!

  • To steam corn in the microwave: shuck the corn, wrap the whole ear in a paper towel, soak it in water and squeeze out the excess, then put it in the microwave – two ears took 2 minutes – careful taking them out of the microwave and taking the paper towels off — they are VERY hot from the steam – the wet paper towel perfectly steams the corn and keeps it nice and moist!!! Good!!!

I was going to roast the new potatoes with some onion to have with the corn, but I decided to wait until tomorrow to have that part!!! Since I only had a salad for lunch, no breakfast, and an early dinner of just the corn, I was a little hungry about 7:00 — I thought very seriously about getting in the car and going to the Dairy Bar for a banana split, but squelched that urge with a Lean Cuisine Spaghetti and Meatballs meal I had in the freezer……………good girl, Kim, good girl!!!!

So – about the hair appt…….I went to get my hair done and very bravely just said “summer it up – surprise me” and only said that I liked bangs and I need it to not be able to blow into my face when the riding around with the top down — other than that, I wasn’t fussy!!! Well, I got a very nice cut – short, but not too short, with lots of body, bangs, and feathered nicely around the face so that whatever direction it blows from, there is no hair long enough to reach my eyes!!! Cool……. There aren’t many stylists that you can go in and say “surprise me” and not be sorry afterwards, but I was actually thinking to myself that if it turned out to be a horrible mistake, I could always join Gordon at Local Joe’s on the 12th, shave it off, and buy a nice wardrobe of wigs to fix it (but, wait – will a wig stay on with the top down on the pony – rut ro – might have been a gamble that I wouldn’t have been happy with…..)!!! ha-ha-ha But, Janee at Marcello’s is one that you can trust with a statement like that — she’s good!! I haven’t been to her in years – I used to have her do my hair a long time ago…..I just decided to see what she could do to give me a new look for the summer and I am happy with the result. It is really not THAT much different than I usually wear it — just a little shorter, a little different shape — not drastic!!!

It has also been a while since the inside of the pony has been cleaned – I mean really cleaned! I keep the outside looking nice, but haven’t gotten into the interior for a while! So – I popped in to GT’s on the corner of Horner and Wicker and had them do a good inside and out job on it!!! Man, it looks like a new car!!! They really did an outstanding job — and all for only $15.00 plus a little for the tip jar!!! I think I’ll be stopping in there more often!!!

The weather held out this week so that the Top Notch folks were able to finish my deck — it is all stained and looks great!! I was impressed by Top Notch Pressure Washing! I wanted to have my house cleaned and my deck needed to be stained and sealed, but I didn’t know who to call. I looked in the yellow pages, figuring I would need to call two different people for the two jobs, but noticed the ad for Top Notch that said they do both things (and more)!!! I am leery of pressure washing cause if someone comes in and isn’t careful, they can damage the vinyl siding — so I read all the ads over good for the word “licensed and insured” — they had both those words — AND, I have seen their truck in my neighborhood several times, so I took a chance and called them. I left a message and they called me right back that evening, came out the next day and left a quote in my mailbox, got me on their calendar within a week, and came when they said they would!!!! AND – did a very good job!!!! The deck looks like new — I chose a Natural Cedar color — very nice!!!

So – Friday evening, I was out putting all my deck and patio furniture back where it belongs and thought about how I never went to Big Bloomers to get some hanging plants for around the patio and deck — I always get several to add some color and appeal to my seating area! But, I just haven’t felt up to doing some of that this year and now I’m wondering if it is too late to bother!! If it is going to be a hot, dry summer, then maybe it isn’t worth the expense and trouble just to watch them die – yes, I water them every day, but they really like the rain and don’t like the intense heat and sun with no occassional rain to refresh them — I just don’t know — I do enjoy having them, though — maybe I’ll get some in the next week or so……

Well, it is about time to go to bed — the girls are all snoring around my feet and every once in a while one will look up at me and let out a little sigh or whimper wondering when we’re going to bed!!!

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