Telephone….Toy — I don’t get it!!!

Is there some collation between phones and toys? Does the sight of a receiver connected to some one’s ear instantly provoke the urge to play with a toy? Help me out, here – I just don’t get it…….

Issue — Megan is a toy hound – loves to repeatedly squeak them and throw them in the air and chase after them and just plain walk around with them in her mouth! That’s a given! But, she typically doesn’t try to get me involved in her joy and usually wanders all around the house with them and isn’t really all that disruptive or annoying about them. BUT – the minute I get on the phone, she runs to get the loudest one she can find and takes up residence at my feet squeaking and squeaking and bumping my leg with the squeaking toy in her mouth and laying them in my lap and squeaking and squeaking!!!!! It literally starts the minute I pick up the phone and suddenly stops the minute I hang up!!!!

Take this morning, for instance – I was on the phone with a friend trying to catch her up on somethings that have been going on and Megan started in with the toys! She hadn’t touch a toy all morning long – she spent the morning calmly sitting on the couch beside me watching me read the Sanford Herald on line and looking up some info I needed on the internet…….she was very passive and content! The phone rang and I picked it up and she went into high gear with the toys!!!! We were on the phone for almost an hour and she was non-stop the whole time! As soon as I hung up, she put the toy down, got up on the couch beside me, and took a nap!!!!

When I get on the phone with Mom, she does the same thing — doesn’t matter to her who I’m talking to or how long I’ll be tied up on the phone…….I tell her that I am on the phone with Grammy and that she says to say “hi” and to stop playing with the toy, but that only makes her wiggle and get more excited – which makes her squeak louder and faster!!! ha-ha-ha

The photos are of Megan with her newest (and current very favorite) toy – a red bowling pin with a DEEP, LOUD squeak!!! I know – shame on me for buying them in the first place, but she really does love them and only gets annoying with them when I’m on the phone, which really isn’t THAT much of the time, but still……..

If I take the toy away from her, she digs at me and barks/whines for it or goes and gets another one (she has far too many to make it feasible to take them all away from her). Ignoring her is best, but it doesn’t stop the behavior – it just makes it a little less irritating (but not by much – ha-ha)!!! I’ve tried taking the toy away and giving her a treat or a non-noise making toy or chew, but that only lasts a few seconds and she’s right back to a noisy one!!! She doesn’t play with toys for the chew factor — it is the noise that attracts her, so silent ones are generally left un-played with!!!

Any ideas??? My family and friends who talk to me on the phone will be eternally grateful…….ha-ha-ha

One Comment on “Telephone….Toy — I don’t get it!!!

  1. It is the same with my girls. I will wait until I think they are engaged in something but they have a sixth sense and they WILL track me down and find me. I have been known to hide in the bathroom…but then they will just start banging on the door!

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