Sunday Outing

It was an incredibly gorgeous day today!  I decided that an outing with the top down would be wonderful and it was!  The sun was warm and the sky was the most perfect shade of blue with fluffy bright cotton puff clouds!  It was warmer than I expected – I wore a sweater and was actually pretty uncomfortable when I was stopped at a light and the sun filled the car with warmth!  But – while I was moving, it was very nice — the wind blowing in my hair and fighting the urge to just lay my head back, look up at the sky, and raise my hands in the air to take it all in (not a wise thing to do driving down the highway)!!!

I wish I had taken my camera and captured some shots along the way.  I did capture the beauty of the sky, though – but not until I got home – I couldn’t let it go without recording it for history!  So – here is today’s sky shot from my back deck looking up over the roof of my house and through the trees in my side yard:

I put the top down and headed out about 11:00 or so.  My first stop was Bagels ‘N Stuff – I just had to have some of Lenny’s bagels!!  I bought several different ones so I would have some today and tomorrow (at least) and shared some with a friend!  I also felt the urge to get a couple knishes!  I haven’t had a knish in a very long time and although I knew Lenny served them, just haven’t tried one from there, yet!   For those that don’t know what a knish is — it is a potato filled pastry that is a staple in New York City and a traditional Jewish treat!  I bought two – one for today and one to take to work tomorrow!  I like mine warmed up with applesauce to dip it in.  I had one when I got home from my outing and it was DELICIOUS!!!  Lots of perfectly seasoned potato filling – very good!  If you have never tried a knish, run – don’t walk – to Bagels ‘N Stuff and have yourself a special treat!

Then, I gassed up and headed out Tramway Road to Rt. 1 in Tramway.  Along the way, I enjoyed driving by the cotton fields – that isn’t something you see in NY and even after all the years I have lived in NC, I still get a tickle when I see the cotton blossoms looking like snow covered plants!  I think it is so cool……another sight I wished I had my camera for! 

As I reached Rt. 1 in Tramway, I noticed that the North State Pottery shop was open and realized I haven’t picked out a piece of pottery for the Gala, yet!  Each year I pick up a small piece of pottery to have for the free drawing at the Gala – I donate the piece and put out a bowl for anyone who attends to put their name on a card for a free drawing.  I always look for a Sanford potter who’s work you don’t see as often as some of the others.  In past years, I have gotten pieces from Pottery ‘N The Barn and Shovelin’ Barefoot – two of my favorite Sanford potters!  I also really like DK Clay, but for this purpose, I usually like to get something that is a little more unusual in colors and patterns.  I was disappointed that they didn’t have a big selection of pieces from Pottery ‘N The Barn or Shovelin’ Barefoot – they told me that they are busy creating pieces for the next Pottery Festival and haven’t brought much in for the store.  BUT – I did find a nice pie dish from Pottery ‘N The Barn and snatched it up!  Here is what it looks like – it is hard to see in the pic, but it is a nice deep, heavy pie dish with a interesting pattern to the color side and brown speckles on the cream side.  There is a message carved in the back that reads “A good laugh is sunshine in your house” and dated 03-17-08:

Then I headed to Southern Pines to see Ghost Town at the theater down there (my review is in the next post).  I’ve been meaning to mention something that has been bothering me about going to the movies for quite a while now and it really got to me today, so I’m gonna talk about it here!  Whatever happened to freshly popped hot real buttered popcorn at the movies????  Where are the big kettles that popped the popcorn and filled the theater with the smell of it popping right then and there – just for that group of theater patrons!  And who’s bright idea was it to replace real melted butter with yellow oil?  At some point in time, theater owners stopped the practice of popping the popcorn fresh and started buying big bags of pre-popped popcorn that they dump into their bins in the concession stands – some warm it up so it is still hot, but some don’t!!!  And then they pour that yellow oil on it and call it hot buttered popcorn!!!  And my other pet peeve about the new generation of movie theater popcorn is that the bag you get (after paying almost as much as the cost of your movie ticket) is mostly crumbs and not that many plump puffs of popcorn!  I used to get a large popcorn and really looked forward to it — it was the second best part about seeing a movie in the theater (right behind getting to see the movie on a huge screen) and I always thought it was against the law to go to a movie without buying the popcorn!!!  But now, I often don’t even bother getting any – I get other snacks instead – and when I do, it is a small bag to just get a taste and then I’m usually sorry I wasted my money!  Anyway — I really enjoyed the movie, but wished I had left the popcorn crumbs alone!!!

I made the most of my trip down to Southern Pines and stopped in at Harris Teeter while I was there!  Harris Teeter is the closest thing to Wegmans that we have in the south – now, it doesn’t really compare to Wegmans totally, but it does in the sense of the variety of brands and the fresh fruits and veggies!  I love going to HT to see what wonderful fruits and veggies I can get — and the fabulous fresh bread assortments, too!!!  I picked up some great looking asparagus, parsnips, red and green bell peppers, small red and white new potatoes, a butternut squash, some scuppernong grapes, and a french mini baguette that smelled amazing!  I was planning to make a veggie dinner, but ate the knish and a bagel from Bagels ‘N Stuff and had the grapes as a snack later and that was all I needed for supper – so I’ll do something with the veggies tomorrow night!  Among other things, I also picked up some oatmeal and brown sugar — the oatmeal caught my eye and I suddenly had a craving for it!!!  I love oatmeal with just a splash of milk and LOTS of brown sugar!  I like to keep some in the cupboard and used the last of what I had a couple months ago and haven’t replaced it, yet!  I am having a couple slices of the baguette now — warm with real butter melting on it — it is just the right mix of chewy and soft with a classic crusty bread outer crust — YUM!!!

So — after the rainy week we had, it was an absolute pleasure to be out enjoying a gorgeous day!!!  I was sad to see it end!

3 Comments on “Sunday Outing

  1. Potter Annette Keith is my best friend’s mom. She really is a great talent and such an asset to the Sanford community. I’m so glad you are helping others in our area learn about this great potter!

  2. I LOVE this pie plate! I can’t wait to see it in person! I haven’t stopped in North State Pottery in forever. I pass by there 2 or 3 times a day, but I’m always hurrying. I’ll have to make time this week to stop by!

  3. There is one more there just like it — a different message on the back and this one was just a little deeper, but they are the same pattern. I kept looking at this one last night and figured I should go back and get the other one for myself — sounds like it might not be there when I get a chance to go back…….????? If you go get it, I hope you enjoy it!!! It is on the rack that is along the wall that faces Hardees….

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