My Dinner Invention – YUM!

I used to do a lot of cooking and was actually pretty good at it.  I’d rarely use a recipe – I cook more like my Mom and Grandma – a little of this and a little of that and taste and adjust as I go.  Refrigerator full of leftover?  No problem, just put them all together and add some things that sound like they will make it all more cohesive and BAM – I had a meal!  But – I haven’t done much cooking – especially creative cooking – in a long time!  Well, tonight I had the urge and this is what I came up with…..

In my “Sunday Outing” post, I talked about all the wonderful fresh veggies I got from Harris Teeter yesterday.  I wanted to find a way to have a nice “harvest” meal.

I cut into medium sized chunks: 
     whole bunch of thin asparagus,
     two whole parsnips,
     one sweet onion,
     1/2 a large red bell pepper,
     1/2 a large green bell pepper,
     5 or 6 small white potatoes, and
     5 or 6 small red potatoes (potatoes are the ones that are about the size of a ping pong ball)

I put them in a large, deep frying pan and covered them with water and brought it to a hard boil for just a few minutes or so to start cooking them – I wanted to be sure the parsnips and potatoes wouldn’t take too long to cook and make the rest too well done

Then, I poured them into a colander to drain while I fixed the frying pan with a nice mixture of olive oil and real butter

Once melted, I put the veggies back in the frying pan and tossed them with:
     two envelopes of Lipton Vegetable Soup Mix,
     a couple tablespoons of flour,
     garlic powder, and
     a dash of Worstershire Sauce

The olive oil, butter, and Worstershire Sauce was enough to moisten the powered soup and flour so that it coated most of the veggies nicely

Then I stir fried them until they were nice and brown and crispy – like a pan of home fries!

It turned out sooooooooooooo good!!!  A little mushier than I had planned (not sure what I can do differently to keep it from getting too soft – maybe not par-boil it first) – but the flavor was great!  The vegetable soup mix was a really good idea – it gave them just the right flavor and added some crunch with the veggies in the mix that didn’t fully hydrate.  The coating was perfect!!!  The rich flavor of the fresh veggies blended together like a delicious symphony!

I done good — and it was more than enough to be a filling dinner — and there is enough to warm up for another meal tomorrow night!!!

5 Comments on “My Dinner Invention – YUM!

  1. That sounds really good, Kim! I’ll have to try it sometime. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a parsnip before… what should I expect?

  2. Parsnips are sort of the texture of a potato and have a really sweet taste – I love them! I like to slice them in half the long way, par-boil them, and then fry them in butter or grill them on each side to brown them! Some people just boil them, but I think frying them or grilling them like that bring out the flavor so much more!

    Parsnips are usually a northern winter veggie – they have to freeze in the ground to be the best! But, you can get them all year round in the grocery stores. Down here, I’ve only seen them packaged in bags and was really happy to see them loose in the fresh produce section at Harris Teeter!

    I hope you try and like them!

  3. Oh – yeah — don’t peel them! Some people peel them like a carrot cause they look like a white carrot. I leave the skin on them – I think it adds to the flavor and texture. They can get a little limp and mushy if you peel them. Personal taste, though, I guess!

  4. I’m so glad Lindsay asked about parsnips. I have seen them used on Food Network a couple of times, but never really knew what they would taste like! I love this idea and will definitely try it soon!

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