Movie Review – Ghost Town

Ok – so, in case you haven’t already guessed – I love movies OR I have no life – I prefer the first explanation!  I really wanted to see Ghost Town, but it wasn’t playing in Sanford, so it didn’t make it to the final choices yesterday – even though it was tied for second choice and probably suited my mood yesterday more than Eagle Eye did (although, I am really happy I went to see Eagle Eye).  It may end up coming to Sanford, but I didn’t want to wait for it and then miss out if it doesn’t come here!  So – I made the trip to Southern Pines and saw it there this afternoon.  It was well worth the trip!!!

This movie is hysterical!!!  Ricky Gervais plays a dentist who doesn’t particularly like people and has little or no social skills.  He goes in for a colonoscopy and something goes wrong with the anesthetic resulting in him dying on the table for 7 minutes.  After this, he is able to see ghosts!  Ghosts from all over New York City find out he can see them and they start to follow him everywhere trying to get him to help them with their unfinished business!  In particular, the ghost played by Greg Kinnear is the worst one – constantly hounding him to break up the relationship his wife (Tea Leone) got involved in after his death.  This all makes for some hysterically funny scenes, the dentist realizing he has been wasting his life by not getting involved with the people around him, and an unexpected love interest!

Some of my favorite parts:

  • when ghosts pass through people, the live one sneezes – I’ll never think of a sneeze the same way again!  ha-ha
  • ghosts walk around wearing whatever they died in – one must have been naked when he died….
  • Kristen Wiig plays the surgeon that operated on the dentist – she is one of the Saturday Night Live comedians (the one who does the character that always has to say she has done the same thing as whatever anyone else says – only bigger and better) – she is so funny and is perfect in this role – the scenes she is in are a riot!

Those are by far not the only good parts — just the ones that stuck out at me!  This movie was a very enjoyable 90 minutes – it was funny and even quite touching!  I really enjoyed it and give it a solid A!

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