Reflecting on the Weekend Activities

It is midnight on Sunday and I am sitting here reflecting on the weekend that just ended! Yep – the weekend is over – I should be in bed getting the beauty sleep I need to be able to get up in the morning and start the work week! But, I’m not — I am here preparing for a brain dump!

I went to the Arden sale on Saturday! Every time they advertise a sale, I plan to go and then forget to go – they only hold these overstock sales a couple times a year!!! I was going to go on Friday afternoon and forgot!!! Then, I almost forgot on Saturday, too!!! I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do on Saturday and suddenly realized I wasn’t working the Arden sale into the plans!!! So, I dropped the thought about going to see “Swing Vote” (moved it to the plans for Sunday) and put the Arden sale on the top of the list as my first priority. You see, I really needed to go!!! The girls have eaten all but a couple mis-matched cushions from all of my patio furniture!!! They shredded and strewed foam all over the back yard several times last season!!! Also at the end of last season – the table umbrella I have had for several seasons broke – it wouldn’t crank to open up anymore – it just served as a nice visual effect to tease me into thinking I might be able to create some shade!!! So, I needed cushions and an umbrella — but, I was not about to pay a fortune for them and have a heart attack if the girls take advantage of any time I may forget and leave them out when they are playing outside by themselves……….. I managed to get SEVEN sets of cushions and a 9′ umbrella and a pack of 15 great bar mop towels – all for only $77.00!!!! The umbrella was only $25.00 and the cushion sets were only $7.00 each and the pack of towels were only $3.00……..I was VERY happy!!!!! Here’s some pictures of what I got:

So – I got that done!!! Then, I spent some time at KMart collecting school supplies for the CIS School Stuff Campaign. I don’t know what I was thinking — I never gave any thought whatsoever about the heat or the full sun predictions!!! I am so fair and burn so easily, I avoid direct sun like the plague!!! But, I went right out knowing that I was going to spend at least 3 hours, maybe longer sitting out in the sun with no potential for shade — and I didn’t take a hat or sunscreen or an umbrella or anything!!!! And it was HOT!!!! The manager at KMart was nice enough to provide us with a large fan and I sat right by the drink vending machines, so I had some breeze and ability to keep cold water available! I was there from 2:00 – 5:00 and collected quite a bit of supplies and $30 in cash donations during that time! But I burned!!!! My face, neck, and forearms are all red — except where my large sunglasses covered my eyes (I did have them with me, thank goodness) — so, I have these big white circles around my eyes that stand out like a sore thumb against the redness of my cheeks and forehead!!! ha-ha-ha!!!

For dinner, I met some friends at the new Down Home Buffet place. I wasn’t very hungry, so I didn’t eat much, but it was very good and nice to sit and chat with my friends!

As for today — I had planned to go to see “Swing Vote”, but never got there! In fact, I didn’t do a darn thing all day long!!! I wasn’t feeling too good (probably cause I spent 3 hours in the hot sun with no protection — duh — what an idiot I can be sometimes!!!!), so I pretty much laid around and played with the girls.

I did fill their pool for them, though — I haven’t filled it in a while cause it’s been so hot, they don’t like to stay out too long and lose interest in the pool when the water gets warm so fast! So, I tend to keep it fresh and full in the early and late summer months, but not so much in the peak months – they just don’t usually get as much enjoyment out of it when it is too hot to stay out and run around as much. But, today I decided to fill it for them!!!! And they went NUTS!!! They ran around and leaped in and splashed all over the place and then ran around some more and rolled in the dirt to dry off and then leaped into the pool again!!! They had that water filthy in no time at all, but loved it just the same!!!! They all love the water and love to dunk their heads underwater and bite at the bugs or whatever is on the bottom of the pool!!!! I wish they made them bigger so they can all have more room to play in it together, but I have the biggest one I could find!!! Here they are having a blast all in there at the same time pushing each other around and playing away:

Amy likes to get in there and lay right down so that only her head is sticking up out of the water — then, she scooches all around on the bottom of the pool on her belly and it looks like she’s actually swimming — it is hysterical to watch — I laughed and laughed – here she is doing her thing:

I didn’t eat anything all day today – I didn’t feel much like eating and everything I had at the house sounded horrible to me! BUT – I had a wicked craving for a Big Mac from McDonald’s and a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen. I fought the craving all day until about 7:00 when I finally gave in cause I knew I had to eat something!!!! I went to Dairy Queen first and had my Peanut Buster Parfait (only cause I knew it would melt by the time I got home and ate my Big Mac first — couldn’t let that happen!!!). I sat in their parking lot and ate it and thought about how when I used to travel with Puddles we would always stop at a Dairy Queen and have ice cream! I would get her own small dish of vanilla ice cream for her and I’d have to feed it to her slowly with a spoon so that she wouldn’t eat it too fast and get a brain freeze!!! ha-ha She loved ice cream and it was a really special thing for us!! The day before I had to have her put to sleep, we went to Dairy Queen and had ice cream – she had been in poor health and I was watching her diet for a long, long time, so she hadn’t had ice cream in a long time — she deserved it one last time!!!! Anyway, I sat there eating and thinking about that and got all upset and started to cry!!! So, I tossed the last half of it and moved on to McDonald’s. By the time I got home, the Big Mac didn’t appeal to me anymore, so I ate a couple bites and threw the rest away — so much for eating!!! I’ll probably wake up starving in the morning and I never have time for breakfast!!! Oh well…….

So – that was my weekend!!!

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