The Oscars – Play by Play

academy_award_oscar_28cropped29Movies – you can’t read this blog without knowing that I LOVE movies!  I enjoy being entertained – I love to laugh – I appreciate a good cry – I am energized by being kept on the edge of my seat!  The ultimate awards show is the Academy Awards (Oscar).  Tonight is Oscar night!  I’m watching the Oscars – although I am not really sure why!  It is usually the one awards show I look forward to over all others!  But, this year, there is only a couple movies up for the major awards that I even saw.  Here is a “play by play”, of sorts – I am not going to write about every award or every acceptance speech or all the clothes – but I will touch on the major ones and other parts that caught my attention as the night goes on – and, of course, my never-to-be-humble opinions!

First, before I get started (in case you are visiting to get a movie review) — no movie review this weekend!  I didn’t go to the theater to see anything cause I’ve seen everything I am interested in that is playing in Sanford.  I thought about Slumdog Millionaire, but it just doesn’t interest me enough to spend the time and money on – I’ll catch it on Netflix in a couple months!  I looked at Southern Pines and Cary and The Reader was the only one at either that made me think twice – but I just didn’t think it would be worth the drive!  So – no movie this weekend!

And the Oscar Goes To:

  • I have to say that I really enjoyed Hugh Jackman’s opening production – it was fun and entertaining!
  • Most of the women on the red carpet actually looked amazing (unlike recent years past where they looked like they got their outfits from Goodwill)!
  • The first award went to Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress!  Penelope was stunning in an amazing vintage gown and minimal, very tasteful jewels.  She wins my award for best depiction of Hollywood Glamour!  I can’t offer an opinion on her performance in this film – I didn’t see it – but she usually does an excellent job!  I saw three of the other nominees in this category – Amy Adams and Viola Davis in Doubt and Taraji P. Henson in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  I thought Amy and Taraji were very good in their roles!!  But, Viola had such a small part (lasted just a couple minutes) that was only memorable because she played a mother who was willing to overlook her son’s possible abuse in order to keep him in a school she felt was good for his future – I’m not sure why she was nominated…..
  • Jennifer Aniston did a segment with Jack Black for the animation awards.  They had her standing where Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie were seated right in the front row!  How awkward was that?  BUT – her dress was lovely and she looked very pretty – eat your heart out, Brad!  Her hair was a mess, though — why do some of these women wear gowns and jewels worth a fortune and don’t take the time to have their hair done to compliment their clothes????
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is always touted as a fashionista!  I usually disagree and don’t like her outfits (with some exceptions).  But, tonight, I must say that she looked lovely – very Princessy and glamorous!
  • Hugh Jackman is yummy, as usual…
  • OMG – LOL – Ben Stiller is doing a hysterical impersonation of Joaquin Phoenix’s visit to David Letterman earlier this week…
  • Jessica Biel’s dress is awful — it looks like she took a satin sheet and wrapped herself in it and tucked all the excess material into the top!
  • I’m not sure why they give Academy Awards to short films – the one that just won was a 14 minute film….????
  • I love big musical production numbers — the tribute to musicals featuring Hugh Jackman and Beyonce Knowles is a fun example!!  And between the opening number and this one, I am convinced Hugh Jackman needs to do a musical — he’s quite the singer and dancer!!!  (and did I mention how yummy he looks tonight???)
  • So far, as usual, there isn’t a lot to talk about specifically related to awards!  The reason for that is they put all the “who really cares” awards in the first couple of hours!  They tease us with the Best Supporting Actress as the first award and then fill in with the sleepers….
  • To show you how much I am stretching for something to say here:  I just saw a commercial for Sandra Bullock’s upcoming movie – The Proposal – that looks really cute!  I like her movies!
  • Best Supporting Actor – the only performance in this category that I saw was Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt – he always does an amazing job in any role he takes on and this role was no exception!   But – the Oscar went to Heath Ledger — come on!!!  I didn’t see it, so I can not give a direct opinion on his performance, which may very well have been well deserved — but I can’t help but wonder if he would have gotten the nod for playing a demonic Joker if he was still alive….don’t know – I’m just wondering, here…
  • Visual Effects went to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!!!!  I’m pleased!  This usually goes to a big action film with lots of flash – and usually rightfully so!  I am very happy to see that it went to this movie because I found it to be amazing to watch the way the age reversal was portrayed!  Very good choice!!!
  • Make Up and Art Direction also went to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!!!!  Again, I thought it was well deserved!
  • Jerry Lewis received the Humanitarian Award — long over due!  (even though he did publically riducule Sanford, NC a couple years ago without bothering to find out the whole story)  It was very sad to see someone who has always been so energetic struggling to stand there and get the words out….. ;(
  • Alicia Keys’ lavender gown is gorgeous and she looks amazing in it!
  • The Memorials…..always tears me up!  Tonight – Queen Latifah looked stunning in a beautiful blue gown and sang “I’ll Be Seeing You” to the collage of clips of those we lost since the last Oscar night….excuse me, I need to get some tissue…..
  • I usually love what Reece Witherspoon wears – she always looks classy!  I am not liking what she is wearing tonight, though — it is kinda pretty, but I think it would have been a LOT prettier without the black straps that looked out of place and other black accents — looked like someone was trying to use up extra material scraps they had laying around….
  • Now for the top awards:
  • Slumdog Millionaire was honored with the Best Director.  Ever notice, the more major the award, the more bazaar the acceptance speeches????  Slumdog’s Director came up bouncing like Tigger!!!  Hhhmmm….
  • The prevous Best Actress winners they chose to announce the nominees for this category are all amazing and look fabulous!  It was especially moving to see Sophia Loren – she is still such a classic beauty!  Her gown was so glamorous!  She is hard to top!!!  And it was fitting that she be the one to talk about Meryl Streep!
  • Kate Winslet won Best Actress— she was the odds on favorite!  I didn’t see her performance, but heard a lot about it.  Her gown is very elegant and her hair looks very “old Hollywood”.  Her jewelry is elegant and stunning, as well – diamond earrings and bracelet.  The only one in this category I saw was Meryl Streep in Doubt – she was excellent in that role, but I wasn’t sure it was Oscar worthy…..
  • WOW – the men they chose as the past Best Actor winners to announce this year’s nominees in this category are incredible, as well!!!  To see Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Kingsley together on one stage — WOW!!!  And Adrian Brody is definitely a nice touch, too — but that hair!!!  It looks like he dumped a whole bottle of Wesson oil on it just before coming on stage – what a mess!!!!
  • Sean Penn is Best Actor!!!  I think he is an amazing actor and have very much enjoyed most, if not all, of his performances — I didn’t see Milk, but from what I have seen and heard, I am surprised this role got him the Oscar….I would have bet on Frank Langella for this category!!  But, then again, the Academy usually goes for political statements in films.  While Frost/Nixon was a political movie, Milk was more of a political statement!
  • Slumdog Millionaire is Best Picture!!!  This was no surprise after I heard the Best Director winner — typically, the film that wins in the Director category also takes the Best Picture category!  The only film in this category I saw was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so I don’t have an opinion…..I’ll have to see the other nominees to see if I agree!
  • One last thought — what in the world was with Mickey Rourke???  What was he even doing there???  He used to be so cool — but he trashed his life and we haven’t seen anything of him in decades!!!  So, he comes out of the woodwork to make a come back movie….and he gets an Oscar nomination????  And comes to the most glamorous night of  the year looking like a bum off the street that dug through the trash to find a dirty, wrinkled, mismatched suit and apparently didn’t even take the time to take a shower or wash (or comb, for that matter) his hair….give me a break!!! 

So — what movies took home the most awards???  If my count is right:

  • Slumdog Millionaire = 8 total
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button = 3 total
  • Milk = 2 total
  • The Dark Knight = 2 total

Good night — see you at the movies!!!

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