Fire Flies In My Bed?

The morning ritual came with a fancy light show this morning!!!  I always knew Amy was a bundle of energy, but this morning she really showed off her electric personality!!!  Ha-Ha

About 6:00 am, the fun began — the girls woke me up at 5:00 to go outside, so they took care of all those duties and we went back to bed.  About 6:00, they were ready for breakfast, so they started the morning ritual….taking turns wiggling at me, kissing me, laying on me, sitting on me — whatever would get me to rub them and acknowledge that I was awake and able to serve breakfast! 

It was still dark in the room — every time Amy would take her turn, wherever I touched her or she rubbed around on the blankets, her fur would become ablaze with flickering lights!  She must have had more static electricity in her coat than Progress Energy supplies to a normal household on any given day!!!  It wasn’t the kind that crackles and zaps you — neither she nor I were getting shocked!  She was just giving off this amazing light show!!!

So – Amy has a new super hero nickname:  “Electric Girl”!!!

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