I turned the calendar page this morning to reveal the month of March!  Yes, it is March already – wasn’t Christmas just yesterday or the day before?  As I turned the calendar, I discovered that March has a lot to offer – beginning with the lovely and tranquil tropical scene in the picture on the top half of the calendar… Let’s see what else March has in store for us:

First – per the calendar – several days with the word “begins” and “first”:

  • March 2 = Eastern Orthodox Lent Begins
  • March 8 = Daylight Saving Time Begins (yippee)
  • March 9 = Purim Begins at Sundown and Commonwealth Day (UK)
  • March 10 = Full Moon
  • March 16 = Canberra Day (Australia)
  • March 17 = St. Patrick’s Day (Erin Go Bragh)
  • March 20 = First Day of Spring (double yippee)
  • March 21 = Benito Juarez Birthday (Mexico)
  • March 22 = Mothering Sunday (UK)

Personally – this March brings some happy and some sad:

  • Some friends and I will have an exciting adventure sometime this month – not telling what/when on here for the world to read (those who know me have heard all about it), but you can be sure I’ll be doing a LOT of telling when it is over!!!
  • March 1 = Jen Chapin concert at the Temple Theater
  • March 7 = CIS 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
  • March 12 – 29 = Moonlight and Magnolias is presented at the Temple Theater
  • March 13 = My oldest step-son’s 38th birthday
  • March 20 = The 10th anniversary of my Poppie’s death – Charlie Culmo – my Mom’s husband and the only true “father” I ever had – my hero

There is also an old saying about March that I have always found to be true – “If March comes in like a LION, it will go out like a LAMB” and visa versa!  It is raining and yucky here in Sanford, NC (again) today and we are expecting to see some more snow tomorrow and, from what I hear, maybe again next week.  I surely hope that means that March will end with some nice calm, spring-like weather!

Speaking of snow in March – one of the “Thumbs Down” comments on this morning’s Sanford Herald Editorial Page mentioned that “Snow in March just isn’t something we’re supposed to worry about…”.  It definitely is an oddity here in Sanford.  But, where I came from in Western New York, it is expected!  You don’t start thinking that there might be an end to the snow until around April and, even then, it ain’t over….  I remember one time in late April (don’t remember the year, but it must have been late 70’s, early 80’s) – it was a beautiful morning, so I left Albion with no coat to pick up a friend in Bergen (or was it Byron?) so we could go shopping in Greece (about an hour – give or take – from my home).  We shopped for hours inside the mall, oblivious to what was going on outside.  We came out to get in the car and there was a freak blizzard – it wasn’t predicted!!!  We could hardly see to get to the car — it was buried in about a foot of snow — neither of us had coats, gloves, hats, etc.  We cleaned the car off and headed to Bergen/Byron (whatever) to drop my friend off at her home.  The driving was horrible!!!  Visibility was near zero!!!  We were plowing snow as we went cause the plows weren’t out and we had to get home!!!  Just before we reached her house, we thought we saw something in the road – we suddenly realized we were about to hit a COW!!!!  The poor thing was standing in the blizzard in knee deep snow in the middle of the road!!!  I hit the brakes, which – even though I was already barely crawling – put me in a tail spin and I almost ended up in the ditch!!!  Luckily, her house was just a little further up the road and we made it there — but I did NOT attempt to make it the rest of the way to Albion…..I stayed put!!! 

So — March (and April) can be very interesting — new beginnings, unpredictable weather, and full of anticipation of Spring!!!

Happy March to you all….

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