Updates and a Couple Reviews

I started to write this several times over the past couple of days and just kept getting side tracked!  So here are some updates and a review of Confessions of a Shopaholic and Once on This Island!  I have a ton of stuff going on, so here goes:

islandpostersmI went to the Temple Theater Friday night to see Once on This Island – it was really good!  The talent was amazing and the story was enjoyable.  It took a couple scenes to pick up for me, but was well worth the wait!  The two young girls who portrayed Ti were incredible — Camille England as “Little Ti” was adorable and absolutely charming!  Taylore Woods as Ti as a young woman is a bundle of talent — what a future that girl has!!!!  I also really enjoyed Marcus Zollicoffer as Daniel.  That doesn’t discount the talents of everyone in the cast — all were exceptional!  This Thursday through Sunday are the last showing of this production!  If you haven’t been to see it, you really should!

Saturday was my lazy day — I had a late breakfast at Myra’s and got a pedicure…..that’s it!!!  ha-ha  I really need to learn to speak up when I go for services and things aren’t going the way I want them to go — I stopped going to one pedicure place a while back because they used a shaver on my heels and it resulted in painful heels for weeks afterwards – I thought about stopping him from doing it, but didn’t say anything!!!  This Saturday, I had a couple toe nails starting to ingrow – which was the reason I decided to go get a pedicure!  Well, they were really busy and she was rushing through it!  I could tell she wasn’t looking close enough to see the need to clip the sides of the nails, but (again) didn’t say anything — so, now one of the toes have festered!!!  Uugghh!!!

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend!  I met a good friend that I haven’t gotten together with in months – we had brunch at Cafe 121, sat and talked and talked – then we drove around a little talking some more waiting for the movie we decided to see to start!  It was such a great day!  I really miss her — we used to see each other and talk every day at work, but unfortunately, she no longer works with us, so I miss her and our talks!  We’ve tried to get together several times, but it hasn’t worked out until this past Sunday!  I had a great time and I think she did, too!


The movie we saw was Confessions of a Shopaholic– what fun that was!!!  Isla Fisher is hysterical as Rebecca Bloomwood – a girl who just can’t resist shopping and spends WAY beyond her means – even the mannequins come to life and egg her on by telling her how much she “needs” whatever it is she is looking at.  The scenes where she is dodging debt collection agent, Derek Smeath, are gems!   Isla was great in Wedding Crashers — she shows us in this movie that she can carry a lead role and make it her own!  She’s got what it takes to be a top box office draw in comedic roles!  We both really liked the movie – it was fun, funny, entertaining, and unique!  It was over all very enjoyable!!!  I give it an A-!

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