I’m loving the transformation the section of Chatham Street between Carthage and Wicker has made!  What an amazing difference from before Progressive Contracting started working their magic to the old abandoned historical buildings! 

Here are some shots I took over the past couple of years that show the progress:

The first two shots were taken in October 2007 – the only life the street had was Renalds restaurant – a rose between two thorns, for sure:



This next shot was taken in March 2008 – the work was beginning – Renalds was still the only active business on the street, but it wasn’t the only life – the strip was alive with workers renovating every inch:


The following shots were taken today — the store fronts are all finished and ablaze with colors and character!  What was previously Renalds is now Cafe 121 and they are joined by other businesses starting to populate the lovely buildings!  Even the old buggy factory on the corner – which looks like it still needs a lot of inside work – is beginning to take on an appealing appearance!  Amazing transformation to say the very least – you’d never know it was the same street – what was old and depressing is now alive and beautiful!!!  I love it!!!






One Comment on “Progress

  1. My mother worked in the building that is now Cafe 121 back when it was Cascade Fibers/Tara Linens. It’s so nice to finally see some life come back to that little street – it holds very warm memories for many of us!

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