All About The Girls


It’s been a while since I have  totally dedicated a post to the girls.  It is definitely NOT that they have been too boring to write about – not by a long shot!  But, thankfully, they haven’t been getting into as much trouble – which is what makes for more entertaining posts!

I wanted to brag on them a little, but have been reluctant to do so in case it ended up jinxing everything!  But, I think it may have been long enough now, so here goes:  It has been over two months since I’ve come home to any major damage in the house!!!!  {warding off jinxes by waving arms in the air, doing the spitting pu-pu thing, throwing salt over my shoulder, and doing a voodoo dance}  Obviously anyone would be happy to not have to deal with damaged things, but I am especially happy because it has been several years since I have been able to say that!!! 

Katie created some damage when she was a puppy – but that was because she was very ill and the damage was fixed by getting her healthy and replacing the carpeting with wood floors – something I had planned to do anyway, just not quite so soon!  She also destroyed every soft stuffed toy she could get her teeth into!  So – it started with her – she’ll be 5 in April, but didn’t get frustrating until Megan and Amy moved in…

Megan and Amy are 3 and a half this month!  In that time, they have eaten or torn to shreds two couches, three chairs, a love seat, two sets of lawn furniture cushions, a chaise lounge, two dog beds, two ottomans, several sets of mini blinds, and countless bed pillows, accent pillows, stuffed toys, various items of clothing, books, newspapers, rolls of toilet paper, rolls of paper towels, tissue boxes, pens, tooth brushes, plastic and wood utensils, and just about everything and anything else they came into contact with!!! 

During the 4th quarter of last year, I put together my current living room set – piece by piece!  And it is still intact!!!  {again with the waving arms in the air, doing the spitting pu-pu thing, throwing salt over my shoulder, and doing a voodoo dance}   In fact, since before the holidays, the only thing I’ve come home to find in shreds all over the living room was a new roll of paper towels about 2 weeks ago!!!  They still scrounge for things they might find left too close to the edge of the counter or table – envelopes, magazines, etc….but they do minor shredding and it doesn’t cost me a fortune to replace!!!  I have even left the new accent pillows out on the couch accidentally a couple times and was happy when I got home and found them still in one piece!

I think the girls are finally growing up and maturing!!!  WOO HOO  {again – not taking any chances with the jinx potential — waving arms in the air, doing the spitting pu-pu thing, throwing salt over my shoulder, and doing a voodoo dance}

They have come a long way — I still make it a point to say “be good, don’t eat the couch” as the last thing they hear on my way out the door every time I leave the house, but I am less worried about what I might come home to find!!!  My guard is not totally down – before I leave them alone, I go through the house and close all the doors, make sure the mini blinds are up so they can easily see out, push anything on the counters and tables back out of their reach, put up the accent pillows, and pick up anything that might be tempting for them……..but, the big thing is the furniture – I no longer lay the kitchen chairs across the couch cushions and worry about coming home to shredded cushions or holes in arms/legs!!!

“YES” — that is what I now truly believe is the answer to the question I have asked a zillion times in the last few years:  “will I ever be able to have nice things again?”

Here’s to the girls — may they continue to bring great joy to my life (and less damage)!!!

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