Updates and a Movie Review

So – what have I been up to since I returned from paradise and rejoined the real world?  It was a long week with lots going on!  Just about every day had something major….


As I was driving home from the airport, I heard a strange sound – a bang and a whooshing sound – almost like a air hose or something like that let loose!  I was not too far from Sanford – just a little before the Deep River Rd exit.  So, I pulled over and the noise stopped…hhmm!  So, I got out and looked at all the tires – all were fine…I looked under the hood – nothing looked odd…I stood back and looked at the front end and found the problem – the air deflector thingy under the front end was hanging down and scraping on the road!!!  After driving slow to not cause any more problems, I got home and looked under the front end and it was GONE!!!  Well, that’s that, I guess!


I made two calls first thing in the morning – one to the Ford dealer to get an appt to have them look to see if there was any more damage before I just ordered the deflector and had Ron put it on;  the second to the Family Doc – a couple weeks before vacation, I had a glucose tolerance test and they wanted me to make an appt to talk about the results as soon as I returned from vacation.  After finagling times with both, I ended up with a doc appt on Mon and a car appt on Tues.   The news at the doc’s wasn’t good – I have Type II Diabetes!  I’m now learning all about the drastic lifestyle change I need to make to keep me from having much more serious health problems!


I went to the appt I made for my car – he said that it was not only missing the deflector, but also another part and the fender was cracked in two places and was loose…..he recommended I go see the guys at Tramway Auto Body for a quote to replace the whole shebang!  I went from there to Tramway Auto Body to get the quote – they were very nice and helpful, but the news wasn’t good – $900 and two days without a car!!!!  I was assured by both that I’m not doing any damage to the engine by driving without the air deflector – BUT – the front fender is really loose and it won’t take much to cause a lot more damage to that!!!  I will definitely have it fixed fairly soon!  I just need to figure out how I’m gonna juggle things to pay for it and what arrangements I can make for another car while mine is in the shop!

I decided that if the rest of the week was going to follow suit with the first part, I just wanted to go back to paradise and stay there!!!  ha-ha

Wednesday – nothing special happened that I can remember!  A much needed break from the bad news!


The week made a big turn when I was able to participate in a great event!  At the end of last year, Wyeth donated $1000 to Communities In Schools for a computer scholarship for a Lee County student.  The criteria was that the child attend East Lee Middle School because of their focus on Science and Technology, have a high potential in the area of science, and a high need – no computer at home to use for their school work.  The criteria was sent to the school and they were asked to nominate a student to receive the gift.  They chose Eli Felix!  We decided to ensure it was a secret until the presentation – Eli didn’t have any idea that he was going to be receiving this gift!  Thursday at noon, representatives from CIS, Wyeth (I wore two hats, representing both CIS and Wyeth), and Eli’s family, pastor, and teachers gathered in the lobby while the principal went to get him from his lunch.  It was an amazing sight to have him enter the lobby, see all these people there, and then see the table with a laptop, printer, bag, other supplies, and a balloon with a teddy bear and candy!  He lit up like a Christmas Tree!!!  Lots of pictures, congratulations, and an article in the Herald later, Eli left happy and with the technology needed to help him excel beyond his already high aptitude in his school work!  It was a good feeling!!!

Friday I was planning to go see “Moonlight and Magnolias” at the Temple Theater, but decided to call it an early night, instead.  I do need to be sure to see it before the run ends, though!


thelasthouseontheleft_smallposterI went to see “The Last House on the Left” – it was a toss up between this movie and “The Reader”.  I like movies that are suspenseful without being horror based.  The previews really intrigued me and the write up clinched the deal!   I should have chosen “The Reader”…..  The basic story was great — all about a family who take revenge on the creeps who brutally rape, beat and leave their daughter for dead!  The sickos end up at the family’s home during a bad storm after they did the unthinkable to the daughter and killed the daughter’s friend.  The parents offer their guest house to them until they could take them to town the next day.  They soon find out what they did to their daughter and give them the same or worse than they have done to others (they were career sickos)!!!  Great idea for a movie!!!  The problem was that the acting sucked, the scenes were all too predictable, and they went WAY too far with the gruesome acts of violence!  It would have been very believable to have the parents get their revenge by killing them in some intense fight scenes – but it went too far — for instance, there is a torture by garbage disposal and a head cooked to explosion in a microwave oven involved – to name just two!  YUCK!  While I liked the story, the rest brought the whole mood down……so, I only recommend it if you are interested in gruesome violence – otherwise, I’d leave this one alone.  My rating:  D

Sunday – so far, it has been a lazy day!  I am considering several things and have not, yet decided on which one I’ll do — stay home and curl up with a day of Life Time movies, go to the matinee of “Moonlight and Magnolias” at the Temple Theater, or go in to work and get caught up on a few things — or maybe a combination of two or more…..

Have a nice day and week!

One Comment on “Updates and a Movie Review

  1. Kim, I am so sorry about your rough week! I am really sorry about the Diabetes, I am sure that is not news that you wanted to hear. Hopefully now that they have targeted it and you can do something about it, you will notive a positive difference in the way that you feel.

    I hope that this week coming up is full of lots of positive things for you! I’ll be thinking of you.

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