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Last Daily Photos of 2018

So, here we are at the final hours of 2018…….soon, we’ll start a new year and a new annual photo challenge! For now, here are the some of my favorites from December since the last post……right up to today’s final 2018 photo! The daily… Continue Reading “Last Daily Photos of 2018”

A Few Daily Photos…..

Let’s catch up on some of my favorite Daily Photos from the end of November and so far in December……the prompt is noted below each one! Big Small Gorgeous Walk Sleep Fave Vegetable A Drink A Good Habit Under Joy Begins With “S” Lights… Continue Reading “A Few Daily Photos…..”

November Photos – Part 1

November in pictures… far: Taken today in Mount Albion Cemetery! I always love going to Mt. Albion in the autumn and seeing the deep leaves that have fallen from all the trees throughout the cemetery – covering all the roads and paths. Due to… Continue Reading “November Photos – Part 1”

Daily Photos – Catch Up!

What happens when I don’t make time to tend to my blog? I have to cram a lot in to catch up! So… are a few of my favorites from my Daily Photo Challenge since the last time I posted any of them……since, like… Continue Reading “Daily Photos – Catch Up!”

I Love A Parade

It’s that time of year when festivals, carnivals, fairs, and……parades will begin to pop up all across the country! This weekend was Albion’s annual Strawberry Festival and Saturday morning was the parade! The Hitmen stopped to play “How Much Is That Doggie In The… Continue Reading “I Love A Parade”

A Different Approach

The source for my Daily Photo Challenge Topics has been less than challenging, lately…..and, this month it is the alphabet – AGAIN! So, I went searching for a different list of challenges and found one by a photography group that I think I’m going… Continue Reading “A Different Approach”

March On….

So, we’re winding down…..starting to close out the first quarter of 2018……getting to the last few official days of winter…….wrapping up the days where we need to bundle up in heavy clothing! And, so we March On……on to the month I affectionately like to… Continue Reading “March On….”

Makes You Wonder….

When you see something left abandoned, broken, a ghost of what was or could be……when you stumble onto something that is no longer loved, cherished, a part of someone’s life……when you find something like this, it makes you wonder……. On Kent Road in Albion,… Continue Reading “Makes You Wonder….”

2017 Year In Review

2017 turned out to be a pretty awesome year…..2018 has a lot to live up to – but, I am confident that it will prove to be up for the challenge! Here are the highlights of all that happened and some of my favorite… Continue Reading “2017 Year In Review”

Photos of the Day – December 18th and 19th

Here are my Photos of the Day for December 18-19, 2017: DECEMBER 18 # 352 Photo Prompt – Lights: “I hope you dance….” #lights Advent Photo Challenge – Day 16 – Poinsettia: #pointsettia DECEMBER 19 # 353 Photo Prompt – Tree: “Christmas in Albion”… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – December 18th and 19th”