November Photos – Part 1

November in pictures… far:

Taken today in Mount Albion Cemetery! I always love going to Mt. Albion in the autumn and seeing the deep leaves that have fallen from all the trees throughout the cemetery – covering all the roads and paths. Due to weather and / or being busy, I hadn’t been out there during the peak colors until today! I was instantly disappointed in myself because the maintenance crews were already hard at work blowing all the leaves into piles and vacuuming them up with their big hoses into trucks and hauling them off! Most of the paths and open areas were already cleared. I was so sad that I missed the blankets of leaves everywhere you look! But, I was still able to get some great shots and see and enjoy quite a bit of what makes Mt. Albion one of the best places on earth during the weeks that the trees shed their beauty!

“This Rules!”

This one was today’s Daily Photo Challenge pick…..

And, now, for others from the November Daily Photo Challenge… far…….

“Morning Sky”

Three days deliberately combined to tell the story of:

“I Want”, “I Have”. and “I Need”

“Fave Fruit”


“In My Kitchen”

And, one more look at:    “This Rules!”

November is going to be an awesome month for photos!!!

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