March On….

So, we’re winding down…..starting to close out the first quarter of 2018……getting to the last few official days of winter…….wrapping up the days where we need to bundle up in heavy clothing! And, so we March On……on to the month I affectionately like to call “pre-Spring”…….on to thinking seriously about Adventure Season……on to warmer days and sunnier skies!

We’ve been getting a taste of Spring over the course of a few days here and there peppered in over the past couple of weeks. It is really giving me Spring Fever! I took the covers off my Adirondack chairs and moved my patio table set away from the corner, yesterday – just felt like making my deck ready to go out and sit to read whenever a good day presents itself. I cleaned out my cobblestone bird house to get it ready for a new family to move in as soon as they return from their southern winter (well, I need to be honest, here – I “started” and “tried” to clean it out – but, the screws wouldn’t come out of the cover, so I had to get my brother to do it……but, the thought was there and the deed got done). I moved all but one warmer coat from the rack by the door to the coat closet and put my winter boots away. Yes…..I’ve been preparing for the inevitable, although not necessarily imminent, onset of Spring and Summer!

Unfortunately, though……we have a winter storm blowing in tonight! Hopefully the LAST of the heavy, accumulating snow falls with 3-6 inches – depending on where you are and what weather guy you listen to! I’m staying positive, though……I’m reminding everyone who I hear complain about the predicted snow that we WANT to have a storm on the first couple of days of March – we WANT it to come in like a LION so that it will be guaranteed to go out like a LAMB! And, after all, it IS still officially winter and we DO live in Western NY, so what do we expect? We can only hope that it will be the last of the noticable snow falls…….

So, with that said……I’ll leave you with a follow up message and a couple of my favorite Daily Photo Challenge photos taken since my last post:

Country Line Dancing Class – UPDATE: I survived the first two classes! I was right – I am NOT going to leave these sessions as a professional dancer, but I did manage to not break my neck by falling over my two left feet! It was awesome fun and a real workout and I got to spend time with good friends……so, on to the next four weeks!

See you next time I have something wise to share and time to share it!!! πŸ˜€

5 Comments on “March On….

  1. Hi Kim,
    I just checked in on your blog. You surely got your WISH for an early spring snow storm!! Hopefully the weather will have settled down before we fly in although it will be cold–a shock to our bodies! All part of the transition into beautiful days in WNY! Janette

    • Hi, Janette……yes, we definitely got a good dose of mother nature this week! And, it was that super wet, heavy snow that is so hard to move! But…, the sun is so bright and the sky is a gorgeous blue…..COLD…..but really pretty! Hope you have a safe trip home! πŸ™‚

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