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Cold Barges

What a difference a few weeks makes…….on November 17th, I posted photos of the tugs and barges docked along the canal – parked for the winter as the canal was closing for the season and waiting to be drained – click here for that… Continue Reading “Cold Barges”

Sunday Stills – Night Shots

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge is:  Night Shots – any type of night shot! The last two weeks, I copped out and used photos from my archives, but this week I wanted to use this challenge as an excuse to get out and take some… Continue Reading “Sunday Stills – Night Shots”

And The Season Ends…

The 189th annual season on the historic Erie Barge Canal ended this past week. On Friday, the waterway was closed to boat traffic and it will soon be drained. For weeks, now, barges, tugs, and tenders have been making their way to their designated… Continue Reading “And The Season Ends…”

The Canal in October

It is almost time for them to start draining the historic Erie Barge Canal for the winter. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed tugs and barges finding their spots along the banks where they are now likely tied off for the season –… Continue Reading “The Canal in October”

A Sea of Flags…

As Memorial Day approaches, the Veteran groups have been busy putting out new, crisp flags at the grave sites of our veterans. I was at Mount Albion Cemetery yesterday setting out the crocks for our family members and found the sea of flags to… Continue Reading “A Sea of Flags…”

Water……Creek or Crick?

I love being near the water. I love hearing it flowing across rocks in a stream or crashing against the shoreline or splashing up on a ledge. I love the cool, crisp, clear look of a babbling brook. I just love being near the… Continue Reading “Water……Creek or Crick?”