Sunday Stills – Night Shots

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge is:  Night Shots – any type of night shot! The last two weeks, I copped out and used photos from my archives, but this week I wanted to use this challenge as an excuse to get out and take some photos of our downtown all lit up with Christmas decorations! So – here is my entry for “Night Shots” – enjoy!

NOTE:     In some of the photos, you will see some white streaks! These are NOT jet streams or shooting stars or ghostly visitors! It was snowing and the camera captured some of the snow flakes floating by in really cool streaks!

Main Street, Albion, NY – looking south from near the canal:


Each light post on Main Street is adorned with a wreath and a “Welcome to Albion” banner:


A few of the lovely store fronts – all decorated so beautifully:





The huge evergreen in front of the old Swan Library – all lit up:


Same tree with the old Swan Library in the background and lots of snow flake streaks:


Main Street, Albion, NY – looking north from the corner of State Street:


The tree in front of the Swan Library shot from in front of the Courthouse on State Street:


Orleans County Courthouse at night:


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