Sunday Stills – Pets

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge is “PETS”! Oh, Boy……if there is one thing I have a lot of, it is photos of my girls!!! I wonder, though, if I had known that this challenge was coming up, would I have chosen another subject to highlight on the week the challenge was “Favorite Subject“???  Hhhmmm………..nope, probably wouldn’t have changed a thing! hehehe

So, here goes:   I could fill this post with pics of Katie, Megan, and Amy – the three current joys of my life, but I’m not going to! I gave this some thought and decided to use this challenge to honor a beloved pet that sadly passed on in 2007 after 17 years of being the Grand Diva in my home! There never has and never will be any like her……ever!!!

I present to you….

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Puddles Pritt

(Dec 15, 1990 – April 20, 2007)

This is my very favorite photo of Puddles – she will live on forever in my heart!


It wasn’t enough for this Diva to just sit on the couch…….she had to sit on a pillow on the couch!!! 🙂


Thanks for the challenge (that was more of a no-brainer than a challenge) and for taking the time to help honor my beautiful Puddles in the month that would have been her 23rd birthday! Click here to read the story of Puddles’ pampered life.

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