Sunday Stills – Favorite Subject

Week two in my attempt to keep up with the Sunday Stills challenges. This week’s challenge: One picture of your favorite subject. Simple, right? Well, I struggled with this one because I have a LOT of favorite subjects to photograph – the lake, waterfalls, other water scenes, the sky, flowers, favorite places around town……and on and on and on! I thought and thought – do I search my folders for a most favorite photo – do I go out and find something within my favorite subjects that would be really cool to shoot? But, it ended up being a lot more simple than I was trying to make it! I kept going back to my very first instinct, so that is what I went with.

My favorite subject? My girls, of course! This is one of my most favorite photos of the girls – Katie, Megan, and Amy – it is the photo on my desktop and I quite often use it as my cover photo on Facebook, as well as other ways I use it routinely – I LOVE IT!!! I shot this on a lazy afternoon not long after I moved back to my home town (see I still had a card table set up in my dining room – HA). They were all gazing out the patio doors at faint snow flurries hoping to catch a glimpse of a cat or squirrel to go crazy over. It is rare to have them all sitting patiently together and to be able to capture it on camera is even more rare!

The girls_Albion patio_2

So, here is my entry for the challenge…….wonder what next week’s challenge will be? This is fun!!! 🙂

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