The Canal in October

It is almost time for them to start draining the historic Erie Barge Canal for the winter. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed tugs and barges finding their spots along the banks where they are now likely tied off for the season – their summer jobs have, or very soon will, come to an end. There is something a little sad about seeing the canal drained and the tugs and barges sink down to the bottom and then become covered in snow and ice. But, last evening, I couldn’t help but stop on the north side of the Main Street lift bridge in downtown Albion to take some photos. The sun was beginning to set and the canal was especially reflective……and the tug and barges parked along the tow path made for interesting subject matter.


Tender # 6 parked close to the Main St lift bridge with its rope bumper looking very much like an old sailor’s stately beard


It was a beautiful, sunny evening, which created an amazing mirror effect on the canal – taken from the north side of the Main Street lift bridge with a view of Main St


Buildings and power lines along the back side of Bank Street reflected on the canal


View from the Main St lift bridge with two lonely barges and the Ingersoll St lift bridge in the distance


Two barges parked for the season – these will likely remain tied here until the canal is filled again in the spring


I love it when the sun rays are captured in a photo!

Stopping for a closer look at these canal vessels was a lovely end to the day!

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