Candy Corn and Other Halloween Candy

You know what I look forward to in the fall? No, I’m not talking about the obvious things that I truly love – the changing of the leaves, apples fresh off the tree, the sound of rustling leaves, etc… What I’m talking about here is candy corn! Yes, candy corn – those super sweet tri-colored sugar confections that are supposed to look like kernels of corn, but really don’t! But, they are so good and so addicting!


I can’t resist them…..I don’t eat a lot of them – they are way too sweet – but, I absolutely HAVE to have a few! NOT eating at least a few pieces of candy corn and those little candy pumpkins in the fall is like going to the movies and not eating a bag of popcorn – it just isn’t right….it is unnatural… is sacrilegious….it is against every law of nature known to man!!! I see them start to show up in stores or in dishes on desks or coffee tables and I can not just ignore them!

Like with many things, I have a ritual in how I eat a piece of candy corn…….I don’t put the whole piece in my mouth and NEVER put multiple pieces in my mouth at once! No, I take each piece individually and bite off the white tip, first, then turn it around and bite off the yellow top, saving the orange center section for last! I know that each section tastes exactly the same and that the different colors don’t indicate different flavors (except, of course, the ones with the brown top sections – they do taste like chocolate….don’t you dare tell me that is all in my head), but it just seems like the right thing to do to eat each section separately, so I do. I eat the little pumpkins in a similar manner, too – I always eat the green stem, first! (Don’t bother calling the nice young men in clean white coats……they have a restraining order!)

Halloween candy, in general, is just fun, isn’t it? My Grandmother used to spend days carefully assembling little bags filled with various Halloween candies, including candy corn, to hand out to Trick or Treaters – she lived in town and gave out hundreds of those bags! It was such a thrill to go around gathering candy from all our neighbors – some gave homemade treats, like cookies or popcorn balls, some did up bags, like Grandma did, some gave healthy snacks, like apples, and then there were the few who gave out actual full sized store-bought candy bars – the word about what houses gave out the full sized candy bars spread like wild fire! Quite often, most of the good stuff was consumed long before we made it home to dump out the bags and sort out our bounty! Nowadays, most people just buy bags full of miniature or bite sized candy bars – no sense in giving out anything unwrapped or homemade because it gets taken and tossed out for fear that it is tainted with something – and kids are forbidden to eat as they go until after the trip to the local hospital or urgent care facility to have the candy X-rayed! So sad……takes all the fun out of it!

I try to limit the amount of Halloween candy I buy to hand out – I don’t get as many kids as we used to get and I don’t want to end up with a ton left over – it just taunts me and teases me and forces me to eat it until it is all gone – candy is EVIL!

As for candy corn……since I retired, I don’t have as much access to people who have it out on their desks, so when I saw it in the grocery store today, I decided I’d better get some! I looked for a small bag to buy, but, even the smallest bag was a LOT of candy corn – more than I wanted to tempt myself with – I only wanted a handful or so. So, I was happy to see a bulk bin of assorted candy corn and pumpkins (yeah, I know – I probably don’t want to know what might be lurking in those bulk bins – don’t judge me)! I scooped out the equivalent of about a handful and was on my way! Craving satisfied! I can proceed with the season now without further temptation!

So, what’s YOUR Halloween candy addiction????

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